TONI BRAXTON & BABYFACE @ Love Marriage & Divorce

When her "musical husband" came along, together they created magic and made this impeccable R&B music album possible. With 11 featured tracks written and performed by this brilliant duo, Toni Braxton & Babyface aka Kenneth "Babyface Edmonds ( seven of them co-written by Braxton), Both of their unique and identical vocals brings R&B music back to life in this century. If you have lived through the R&B music in the 90s, you will understand the difference of the R&B music genre then and now especially how the two accomplished R&B sensualists had achieved in the past in the music.

In this latest duet album <Love Marriage & Divorce>, both singers have been through failed marriages and they totally understand when love goes sour, there are plenty of vicious words and moves trying to hurt each other more. "I wish, I wish, I wish she'd break your heart like you did to me, I hope you are unhappy and I hope she gives you a disease" this powerful and spiteful lyrics written by Braxton on the track <I Wish>. God knows how much she had been through when a relationship turned sour. From <Roller Coaster> to <Sweat>, <Hurt You>, <Where Did We Go Wrong>, <I'D Rather Be Broke> and <Heart Attack>, nothing seems working "fine" in their very own past relationships. The story bounces between rage, disappointment and hopefulness before ending in a divorce eventually. Their honesty and complexity totally display on this album with lots of love & hate, heart broken and hope dashed. That truthful message needs lots of guts and courageous and they simply excelled it. This thriving album is totally a great listening pleasure but will make a bad wedding anniversary gift especially Braxton groaning " I really don't wanna see you die, but only make you cry." The well written lyrics from love to hate and the revenge says it all.

Rating : 4.5/5

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