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True beauty always radiates from inside out, be it beauty pageant winners or timepieces. Appreciating the elegance and charm of the most beautiful women on earth, Balmain was delighted to sponsor the Miss Switzerland Pageant and the Miss Belgium Pageant in 2013. On the 6th of August 2013, Dominique Rinderknecht was crowned Miss Switzerland in Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland, while Noémie Happart ascended to the throne of Miss Belgium at Knokke-Heist Casino, Belgium on 6th January 2013. Shining with Balmain timepieces on their wrists, these two applauded ladies have become the most celebrated spokespersons of true beauty.

Highlighting the arabesque motif, the signature of Balmainthe Iconic Chrono Lady collection emits a sense of elegant modernity. Available in polished stainless steel or white ceramics with pink PVD trim cases, the watch is adorned with silver or white dials, and fitted with a polished stainless steel bracelet or a white or black rubber-like strap, also featuring an arabesque pattern.

The name “B-Crazy” suggests the sensation this creation is about to make. Simplicity, modernity, elegance and exquisite design are all fitted in one case, dazzling everyone’s eyes with the delicate dash of glamour flashing from the diamonds. Setting a new benchmark to the meaning of “simple and elegant, the Beleganza Lady is available in three dial designs: black, mother of pearl and arabesque pattern. Driven by a quartz movement, the watch features water resistance up to 50m.

While a balanced lifestyle is essential to maintaining one’s beauty, the watch designers of Balmain have exercised their ingenuity to develop a wristwatch that harmonizes the female grace and energetic power. The Balmainia Chrono Lady Sport is an exceptional chronograph that is expressed in a sensual design bound to be well-admired.

Beleganza Chrono Lady is the Genie in the world of Balmain, which satisfies all of a lady’s wishes. Apart from displaying time, measuring up to 30-minute time spans and featuring water resistance to 50m, the Beleganza Chrono Lady also features a sub-dial displaying the tenths of a second. 

In order to satisfy the unique taste of women, there are three choices of dials including white mother-of-pearl, polished black lacquer finish and silvered finish with arabesque motifs at the center, fitted with either a steel bracelet or black satin strap.

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