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It isn't hard to find a restaurant to dine in Central really, even most of the good ones had moved up and away from the street level to avoid paying higher rent. In order to find a quality restaurant seems to need a little bit more recommendation especially by the words of mouth. Our recently finds is King's Taste who made its debuts in Central specializing in Modern and contemporary Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai and Hangzhou Cuisines and yet with a hearty twist. mylifestylenews returned for more than twice to try out more delicacy that King's Tastes offers. It certainly has not failed us from its nouvelle culinary. Situated along Wellington street and Cochrane street and best to be seen while you are on the escalator to mid-level. King’s Tastes aims to provide high quality and innovative presentation of Chinese cuisine. Dishes are created by the study and research of chef and the feedback from gourmets. The word “taste” pronounced “Feng Wei”  in Chinese which also means “Delicacy”, according to Ci Hai, as a comprehensive sensation of food tasting includes visual, smell, palate and tactile. For us, Feng Wei is also referring to the total experience of valuing the fineness of the foods, appreciating their presentations, and enjoying their flavors. A ten years well spent on delving and deducing the cuisines, what King's Taste has to offer now are more than the Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai and Hangzhou Specialties but the unforgettable sensation. 

<Hometown Mandarin Fish Salad> 
This is a real find and full of surprises in taste. The simplicity of its julienne fresh ginger, cilantro, spring onion and sesame oil marinate is the best compliment for the fish. Honestly, we re not a huge fan of Mandarin Fish especially when it was done in sweet and sour way but this refreshing salad makes the best entry in King's Taste.

<Fish Fillets in Hot Chili Oil>
The presentation is clean and identical unlike most Fish (can be replaced by Beef) are usually buried under the hot chili oil and consuming this dish was like treasure hunt. However, the condiments and yellow beansprouts are always the highlight in this dish instead of the fish or meat ordered. The greens absorb all the complex flavors conceal below the fish.

<Signature Peking Roast Duck>
This dish is always the best presentation when you dine out to impress your guests. Equipped with a huge oven in the restaurant, this signature  dish is handled on-site by the Chefs from Northern-east China. Under strictly controlled conditions of temperature and humidity during cooking, the duck does not have much fat content, but comes with a thin layer of gelatin on the crispy-sweet skin and tender-juicy meat.

The duck is craved at tableside and each of the skin has a perfect meat to fat ratio. Beside the traditional condiments like scallion, cucumber, sweet sauce  (in-house secret recipe) and wrap in flour pancakes, melon and/or pineapple added to a twist. The carefully selected duck originated from Northern-east China, weighs 4.5kg which gives the perfect meat to fat ratio that keeps moisture inside the duck and with a rich aroma. A pre-order is required.

<Mouth Watering Chicken>
It is a must order dish when you come to dine in any Sizhuan restaurant. We admire the innovative way of its presentation but the taste is rather on the sweet side and not as complex as it should be.

<Sauteed Cabbage with Dried Chili>
Simplicity is the key, a non complicated sauteed Cabbage with dried chili, you'll taste what the dish shall offer at its best.

<Egg White Bags with Shrimp, Scallops and Vegetables>
The dish is a light treat and slightly more than just a mouth full. Diced scallop, shrimp and vegetables are wrapped by skillfully made egg white wrappings; the bag is nicely tied up by Chinese chive with crab roe toppings. A perfect match of seafood and vegetable provides a surprisingly freshness to your taste buds. Don't forget to finish the light gravy lay below as well.

<Crispy Prawn in Salted Egg Yolk>
It is rather a heavy bite as the egg yolk may be a little too rich. The texture of the prawn ball is chewy and yet in a pleasant way. One serve for each is perfect and leave enough room for other dishes.

<Signature Steamed Pork Dumpling> (Xiao Long Bao)
Almost every Chinese who serve this dish claims its best but not all can do it right. As the matter of fact, Xiao Long Bao in all its glory is a must-try here as it comes in the perfect mouth full size of 3cm in diameter. It’s characteristic of soup-filled is created by wrapping solid meat aspic inside the skin alongside the meat filling. Heat from steaming then melts the gelatin-gelled aspic into soup and enchants a rich aromas. The bell-shaped dumping is made by wrapping the dough skin into a circular cascade of 18 ripples around the crown. Once you dip it in the vinegar and ginger sauce and bite through the tender and translucent skin, the soup inside gushes into your mouth providing the perfect amount of moisture for the succulent meat inside. A perfect ending of the meal before dessert.

<Souffle Egg White Balls with Ice Cream>
Another new dish added to the menu. Unlike the souffle done in the western way, this dessert also require specially attention when comes to preparation as well as consume it at once while serve to enjoy the best texture of the combination of the egg white and air. It forms the best trick by eating it with or without the ice cream. We suggest go for the one with ice cream.

<Lamb Hind Shank with Spicy Salt>
This is our all times favorite. The New Zealand Lamb Hind Shank is the main attraction for each of our visit. Many of you will say no by eating lamb because of its strong flavor from the meat itself, your thought might as well be changed until you have savored this Lamb Hing Shank with Spicy Salt. The tenderness of this big chunk of meat remain moist and best accompanied with the spicy salt and garlic. A creative dish well made in King's Taste.

Ambience : 2.5/5
Food : 4/5
Service : 4/5

1F, Jade Centre, 
98 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel : +852 2652 6600

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