There aren't many good music produced lately that could truly catch your attention and linger with it for a while with great intention to replay all tracks from all over again for your listening pleasure, especially when most of the tracks are re-arranged to suit the sentimental mono-tone mood. The long awaited <Sandy Lam Re:Workz> delivered with surprise and has it all, mainly because she had found her new music producer Jun Kung Re:Workz on the music arrangement. The duo evidently creating new sparks and brought out the best of Sandy Lam 's femininity and the unique voice which we all have missed for a long time. <Naked Secret> kicks off the first track by leading the sentimental temperament followed by her known hit <Dawn> and <Past Life>. <Rainy Day> marks the only duet in this compilation with Jun Kung which is rather comforting where the original version was collaborated with the disbandment leading band called Blue Jeans. This Re:Workz let us re-discover the best of Sandy Lam and brought back lots of fond memory of her past music path at her peak. Lam is backed by bringing the most genuine and real affection into her present music. This compilation certainly would become your best company at all time and one of the must have release in 2014. 

Rating : 4.5/5

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