VALENTINO Le Progress Paris 3ème Arrondissement Advertising Campaign

VALENTINO Le Progress Paris 3ème Arrondissement Advertising Campaign shot inside Le Progrès Café, in the Marais, at the intersection of several streets crowded with life and always animated.

Le Parisian Café has survived waves of restyling, remaining an authentic meeting place that caters to persons of all walks of life. The idea of Pierpaolo Piccioli is to bring the street into fashion, retaining the know-how of the Atelier, to meet with the unique and different identities. It is about reciprocity of identities and the consequences of human connections.

In the pursuit of rooting Valentino in the present time, the Creative Director, changes the perspective, maintaining the same direction. It is the identity that creates aesthetics. The campaign stages a Valentino community that brings together street casting with more recognizable faces such as Tina Kunakey, Dixie D’Amelio, Christian Coppola and Amanda Prugnaud. This community is so intimate that it generates authenticity and intimate sensuality.

A space where connections merge: Le Progrès Café, as a sacred place where communities meet creating a personal and social exchange. Michael Bailey Gates is the photographer of the new Valentino Campaign. The American talent that has a unique eye for lighting and composition shot diverse and unique characters in the Café, highlighting the boundlessness of individuality


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