Tiffany & Co. Celebrates Valentine’s Day With Curtis Kulig Collaboration In “Blue Is The Color of Love” Campaign

iffany & Co. debuts its 2022 Valentine’s Day campaign: a collaboration with Curtis Kulig, the New York-based artist known for his signature “Love Me” mantra.

The creative partnership, entitled “Blue is the Color of Love,” marks the latest in Tiffany’s long history of working with innovators and revolutionary artists, as well as an homage to the House’s authority in the world of love and commitment. Including a range of Tiffany selections - the newly launched Tiffany Knot, the iconic Tiffany T1 and elegant 
Tiffany Victoria® Vine Collection - the campaign is a celebration of the power of art, words and love itself.

Tiffany & Co. x Curtis Kulig “Blue is the Color of Love” campaign
In the season of love, Curtis Kulig created a series of exclusive artworks for Tiffany’s Valentine’s Day campaign that declare messages such as, “Dare Me,” “Know Me” and “Kiss Me,” recontextualizing his “Love Me” concept in bold Tiffany Blue® typography.

Since 2005, Kulig’s simple yet powerful plea has not only become ingrained in the urban fabric of New York, but it has also become an indispensable piece of popular culture. “Love Me” has appeared everywhere from city walls and canvases to neon lights, metal sculptures and in other high-profile collaborations.

“‘Love Me’ was conceived as something very personal to me and it naturally grew into something that others interpret—that is what makes it interesting,”
said Curtis Kulig. On collaborating with the House, he explained, “My creative process with Tiffany & Co. was very natural.”

Tiffany Valentine’s Day Selections
In the “Blue is the Color of Love” Campaign, an array of Tiffany creations can be found alongside the modern language of love in Tiffany Blue® paint on canvas including the new Tiffany Knot, the signature Tiffany T1 and the sophisticated Tiffany Victoria® Vine Collection.

The entwined ends of Tiffany Knot’s signature motif symbolizes the power of connections between people, the Tiffany Knot Double Hinged bangle, pendant, drop earrings and ring in 18k yellow gold and white gold are a celebration of all forms of love.

 A reinvention of a Tiffany icon, Tiffany T1 designs represent individual strength and perpetual power, worn outwardly to express what lies within, whether it’s the Tiffany T1 bangle or ring, it is the perfect expression of love.

Inspired by the natural world, the Tiffany Victoria® Vine collection is crafted with a mix of expertly cut shimmering diamonds – your bespoke Tiffany love language.

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