HERMÈS Presents The New Soleil d’Hermès

HERMÈS Presents The New Soleil d’Hermès dinner service, comprising 24 pieces, combines porcelain white with a deep yellow, radiant with nuances. Outlined in a delicate black, like a faint shadow, the graphic motifs evoke stylized palm trees, among other patterns.

The fusion of illustrator Arielle de Brichambaut’s talent with the know-how of the house’s artisans, under the aegis of Benoit Pierre Emery, creative director of La Table Hermès, reveals the warmth and radiance of yellow and creates harmony between the material, colour, and design. An ode to summer and conviviality, Soleil d’Hermès illuminates your table.

Somewhere in time and space, a constellation of stars dances in the silence of the night. A small planet travels alongside one of them – a blue jewel covered by oceans, hills and sky. This small planet is ours, it is Earth, and the yellow orb around which we spin we have named the Sun. It is this star that gives rhythm to our lives and our seasons, flavour to our fruit and warmth to the wind, it is this star that protects and nourishes us with heat and light.

As it passes across our skies, it colours the seas and oceans, pines and olive trees, poppies, oleanders, and clouds with myriad shades of blue and turquoise, greens and yellows, pinks and all the hues of the rainbow. The sun, suffusing the sky with its glorious power, is the only star we can see during the day. Then at nightfall, when it sinks below the horizon, when we enter the shadow of our own world, its colourful creations are gently erased and our sky becomes transparent once again, revealing other constellations to us, as majestic as they are distant, the light from their stars twinkling across the atmosphere.


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