Tiffany & Co. Introduces T1 Collection With New Semi-Pavé Diamonds & Narrow Baguette-Cut Diamonds Styles

Tiffany & Co. unveiled brand-new additions to its T1 collection – including wide rings rendered in 18k rose gold, yellow gold or white gold with semi-pavé diamonds, and rose gold bracelets and rings semi-paved with narrow baguette-cut diamonds. Once again, these new styles cogently emphasize Tiffany’s unparalleled gem-setting skills and untested craftsmanship, while bringing out the most uncommon in a person, continuing to celebrate the theme of the collection: Strength, power and independence.

The new Tiffany T1 rose gold semi-pavé narrow baguette-cut diamond bracelets and rings are carefully crafted from responsibly sourced and collected narrow baguette-cut diamonds. From mining the ores to cutting, grading, polishing and setting the diamonds, Tiffany – benefiting from more than one hundred years of experience, exclusive pioneer technology, and distinguished expertise – designs and sets the precious stones in an unprecedented way that enables them to bloom the most shining light in an accomplished jewelry piece.

The new T1 wide rings by Tiffany & Co. in 18k rose gold, yellow gold or white gold with semi-pavé diamonds apply an extraordinarily fashionable touch to everyday styles. Featuring the collection’s iconic "T" motif and angular design, the semi-pavé pieces brim with chic and vitality, celebrating the distinct value and attitude of each individual.

The Tiffany T1 novelties with semi-pavé diamonds and semi-pavé narrow baguette-cut diamonds demonstrate Tiffany & Co.'s commitment to pursuing the highest standards of diamond quality and its insistence on exceptional craftsmanship for more than 180 years. Applying exquisite designs, gem-setting skills and professional artisanship to precious diamonds, Tiffany sets up a new everyday jewelry aesthetic and continues to celebrate strength, power and independence with its T1 collection – the perfect gifts for modern men and women to reward themselves.

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