DIESEL AW2021 Advertising Campaign

DIESEL AW2021 Advertising Campaign presents a visual store in which the only viable options for the viewer’s day-to-day essentials are DIESEL-made. As a result, the imagery in this campaign provokes, subverts and teases a conversation about the nature of mass consumer culture.

In a world that is physically over-saturated with choices, the hyper-iconography amplifies the playful, pop impact.

These customers are surrounded by colorful sundries, mock pricetag promotions and an overarching vignette of familiar, universal consumerism.

The aisles overflow with pedestrian products such as laundry detergent, canned soup and sliced bread, there’s an ironic twist: everything in this bodega is DIESEL branded.

Diesel Creative Director:
Glenn Martens

Art Director:
Christopher Simmonds

Photographer and Director:
Johnny Dufort

Ursina Gysi

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