Hermès AW2021/22 Home Collection

Hermès AW2021/22 Home Collection
Objects designed to celebrate texture. Now that our lives are seemingly more and more abstract, more remote, the new collection of decorative objects for the home explores the language of materials. It brings a sense of physicality and texture. And lifts the curtain on an even more vast, invisible world. These pieces are designed to be touched. They are made with raw, natural materials and the result of unique expertise. The welcoming softness of an unexpected seat crafted using paper microfibres, the elegance of white cashmere felt interwoven with golden threads, or the purity of a cut stone table. The hallmarks of a meticulous artisan and their mastery of magical fire. The traces of a hand which has shaped the objects to embody a tactile, fragile and enchanting world.

<Sillage d’Hermès Armchair>
This organically shaped seat is inspired by faraway places. Its generous proportions have been designed by architects at Studio Mumbai. Its structure is made of wood, while its coating is a unique compound containing cellulose microfibres made in Puglia, Italy, the 16th century-birthplace of papier mâché. Striking the perfect balance between material innovation and ancestral know-how, this robust yet sensual totem armchair – varnished and hand painted one line after the other – creates an intimate relationship with the material.

<Sialk Centre Piece>
A new material has now joined the home collections. These six centre pieces demonstrate incredible technical prowess. They are made from a sheet of copper and tinted with enamels applied using a stencil. When fired, they express a great wealth of textures and contrasts: transparency and depth, the coldness of metal and the vibrancy of colours… These unique pieces are based on a subtle balance between the fusion of pigments and the rawness of the material.

<Chromatic Basket>
These baskets create a dialogue between two materials – leather and wicker – and two areas of expertise – leather goods and basketwork – to reveal an unexpected interplay between colours on this everyday object.

<Sarazine Table Lamp>
A lampshade made of writing paper and a structure in natural cowhide leather, beautifully saddle-stitched. In 1996, Jean-Michel Sarazin, an artisan in the trunks workshop, channelled the emblematic materials and know‑how of Hermès and designed a table lamp. This is a study in style, a timeless creation that has now been reborn, and is also available in a larger size.

<Park Bottle basket>
The art of braiding plant fibres is a precious piece of know-how derived from local heritage. In France, just a few artisans still perpetuate this practice, and Hermès makes a point of keeping their vocabulary fresh and relevant. This leather and woven wicker bottle basket, elegantly complemented by two Intervalle stemmed glasses made of crystal, is the perfect illustration of this approach. An invitation to escape into bliss.

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