Qeelin Presents 2020 Valentine’s Collection - Love Blossoms with Q

Qeelin celebrates blooming love with a meaningful collection by Founder and Creative Director of fine jewellery, Dennis Chan explores the meaning of love. “Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate with our soulmate. When you’re in love, you feel at one with him or her. That’s why I propose gifting precious jewellery that is interchangeable between you and your significant other, symbolising the willingness to share with the one that we love. The idea that you can mix and match both your jewellery captures that closeness, that feeling of oneness. I think it makes the gift more meaningful. And fun!” Says Chan.

The result is a specially curated range of Wulu Interchangeable jewellery. This series has provided a multitude of possibilities for the wearer to match different Wulu buckle designs to different bracelets, leather straps or bangles. And now for Valentine’s Day, Qeelin expands the interchangeable idea to not just oneself, but between you and your loved one. Chan muses, “This is about giving you and your loved one the freedom to change your looks on a daily basis. It also about showing off your similarity in tastes, and making a statement of your commitment to each other – yet it’s done in a cool, subtle way.”

Cool Classic Black
It’s notoriously difficult to buy gifts that men love. Qeelin makes it easy with options that even the ladies will be delighted to wear. Try the Wulu pendant in 18K white gold with diamonds and onyx, which is perfect daily wear choices for the New Age Man. Also, men can match Wulu Interchangeable Leather Strap with their black enamel Wulu buckle for a modern take on jewellery.

Ravishing Red
Red is the colour of passion and love, which makes a gift from the Wulu Red Agate range perfect for Valentine’s Day. Wulu is an ancient symbol of protection, thus a meaningful gift for a loved one. Wear it alone or layer it with the other striking variations from the collection. The beauty of this multi-faceted piece of jewellery lies both in its craftsmanship and its array of different looks.

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