BOUCHERON Presents A Message of Love In 2020 Valentine's Day

BOUCHERON presents a message of love in 2020 Valentine's day. To the Maison BOUCHERON, jewelry is the best love messenger. At this love festival, confess your love with BOUCHERON classics: Quatre, Jack de Boucheron, Plume de Paon and Pivoine collection.

It was in 2004 that the Quatre line made its entrance at the Maison, establishing its graphic signature and contemporary character in the world of BOUCHERON. Over the years, it has become a timeless, unisex icon, constantly reinventing its sculptural look and urban elegance. This is because the Quatre collection, in all its infinite variations, interprets the free spirit of the Maison with a touch of radicalism. The collection embodies at once the Parisian inspiration of the Place Vendôme jeweller and the excellence of the artisan gold sculptor. Classique, Black, White, Radiant and Red... it boldly mixes textures, colors and materials.

Quatre like four graphic moments, four precious designs with sober proportions cut and assembled to perfection, available in dizzying interpretations. The Double Godron, a symbol of infinite love, a symbol of the bond that united Frédéric Boucheron and his wife Gabrielle. Grosgrain, the delicately pleated gold ring that pays tribute to the origins of the jeweler who grew up amidst soft and supple fabrics. Line of diamonds, the layer of sparkle enhanced by a mirror setting, seemingly capturing a fraction of eternal life. Clou de Paris, the finely sculpted surface paying tribute to the cobblestones of Place Vendôme.

Reinventing the way jewelry is worn, Jack de Boucheron collection marks the new chapter in BOUCHERON’s history. It gives free rein to the imagination and creativity of woman. The ultra-contemporary flexibility of this gold wire, in full gold or sheathed with diamonds, is inspired by audio cables, while its clasp hides a connection inspired by a jack. Not just a bracelet, Jack could be connected and piled up to a necklace, belt, hair jewelry or anything. The infinitely free, flexible, playful and unique Jack de Boucheron collection embodies the independence and freedom in woman.

A true aesthete, Frédéric Boucheron was fascinated by the beauties of nature. He loved the wild and always interpreted it free and triumphant. One of these wonders of Nature, the peacock’s feather, soon became one of the jeweler’s inspirations. He reinvented it constantly to create even more striking pieces. In keeping with the touch of lightness instilled by Frédéric Boucheron, the Maison BOUCHERON is carrying forward the ethereal spirit of the Plume de Paon collection. The pieces are surmounted by a rose-cut diamond that radiates the light of the woman who wears them. This collection is truly an ode to delicacy and femininity of woman.

In France the expression “to blush like a peony” evokes romance and the enamored reaction of a woman in love. The Ava Pivoine line combines this emotion with BOUCHERON’s renowned craftsmanship, bringing new life to the peony flower, a symbol of beauty, purity and eternity. Sculpted in white gold and set with diamonds, the interlacing petals of the peony forms the shape of a lover’s knot that binds a couple, symbolizing marriage and unity.

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