Aqua Spirit Introduces New ‘Homegrown’ Tanqueray Cocktails

 aqua spirit introduces four new cocktails made with fresh, hand-picked ‘Homegrown’ herbs by celebrating the launch of two new flavours; Rangpur and Malacca, many of which have never been tasted before in Hong Kong. Since 1830, Tanqueray has been defining gin with distinct flavours crafted with perfectly balanced botanicals. Rare and unusual herbs from Italy and Japan are carefully nurtured in aqua’s very own high-tech, miniature grow boxes found inside the restaurant. When the herbs are at their peak of freshness, aqua’s chefs and mixologists immediately harvest them to bring out the finest botanical flavours in six ‘Homegrown’ dishes and now four new Tanqueray cocktails.

Tanqueray Rangpur 
It has a prolific aroma of zesty limes and mandarins which is heightened by fresh yuzu, lime juice and melon liqueur in the Evening Orchard. Handfuls of fresh, peppery pakuchi is blended with these ingredients to balance out the sweetness. Creamy fresh pineapple and crystalised sugar further adds a fruity layer to this sumptuous cocktail which is served in a coupette glass accompanied with a leafy exterior. This sweet and smooth cocktail was designed with the Grilled wagyu sirloin & sea urchin hoba misoyaki with homegrown pakuchi in mind to balance rich, uni flavours and textures.

These four new cocktails were inspired by aqua spirit’s Pakuchi Collins. Presented in a dim sum basket, it is made with the iconic Tanqueray No. 10 gin, honey, lemonade, lemon juice, fresh lime and handfuls of fresh peppery pakuchi. As part of aqua’s Because Brunch; served every Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday, this is also the welcome cocktail, served in a charming miniature plant pot topped with a dried lime slice and eco-friendly potato straws to sip through. 

Rosebud Dusk
 A beautiful blend of botanicals featuring Tanqueray Malacca. Strong floral notes of rose, lavender and jasmine along with fruity juniper berries perfectly entwine with the bittersweet tang of homegrown oxalis. Handfuls of the freshly picked European herb is infused for twenty-four hours with Royal Botanical tonic water. This process produces subtle aromas of elderflower and grapefruit which complements the core summery taste of fresh rosebuds. Served tall with ice, this clear and light cocktail is decorated with a trail of crushed rose petals.

Sherbet Sundown
Sensationally sweet, moreish and true to its name. Tanqueray Rangpur introduces hints of mandarin, ginger and lime whilst chestnut liqueur adds a smooth finish to every sip. Aqua’s master mixologists use a unique blend of agave syrup, lime juice and burnt sugar which is boiled together and then blended with fresh mitsuba leaves to create a yellow hued, zesty and candy-inspired pisco. Fresh pineapple juice and egg white is then shaken to create a layer of cream which is topped with a smoked miniature meringue and peppery mitsuba leaf, served in a coupette. The strong citrus elements of this cocktail pair extremely well with aqua’s Red kakiage & vegetable tempura with homegrown mitsuba which made with red ginger, edamame, corn, dried seaweed, yuzu skin and matcha salt, mixed together and deep-fried, topped with homegrown Japanese mitsuba and glistening gold leaf.

Moonlight Jasmine
This is a playful gin twist on a white negroni inspired by Japan. Seedlip Garden provides an earthy spice which compliments the peppercorn and cloves found in Tanqueray Rangpur. Sweet Japanese umeshu plum sake is then added to create a fresh and floral concoction highlighting aromas of jasmine blossoms, lavender and rose. To finish, a freshly picked homegrown lemon balm leaf is added to slowly infuse citrus with these botanical flavours. The perfect pairing with this refreshing cocktail is the colourful vegetarian Lotus wood, avocado & fig sushi with homegrown mitsuba.

Promotion ends 31st January 2020.

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