agnès b. AW2019 Runway Collection

agnès b. AW2019 Runway Collection is the first ever joint fashion show for men & women in Paris Fashion week with a perfection of modern silhouette & classic design.

Both menswear and womenswear share elements constructed with the same design concepts, and successfully conveys a complete picture of Agnès’ style.

 The stylist shared her thoughts in the show as follows: “I design novel characters for the show, these silhouettes will be in the shop during 6 months to come ….fictional or everyday life characters ….those you like to meet in Paris, Tokyo, New York or Hong Kong …”

The most striking feature of the show is extended from the daily life of the characters - City Chic series in leisure sport style.

Designed in the modern silhouette, it is always perfect to mix and match with the classic items – simply a Snap Cardigan or a Photo Print item, which injects the brand's French authentic style into the look.

In addition, more stylish items e.g. the hooded jacket with overall rainscape photo print, topical nylon bum bag, are presented to bring you the unlimited vitality.

2019 is the 40th anniversary of the brand classic item - Snap Cardigan. The classic cardigan was created by the stylist in 1979. It has been sold more than 2.2 million pieces worldwide, with devotion to the “made in France” production.

It is suitable for men, women, children and even babies. This season for Snap Cardigan, the brand introduces a variety of bright colors such as red, green and purple, as well as in various formats and tailoring designs, combined with different styling, bringing the timeless more possibilities.

Male and female models performed dancing in the show with the new outfits; this just conveys what Agnès said: “Keep dancing, Keep Singing, have a good drink and do not get too serious!" OK?”

The best way to live is to wear your favorite clothes and do what you like. The thrilling fashion show was over and Agnès took the curtain call.

The black curtain near the windows of Palais de Chaillot were slowly pulled up, the bright light reflected on the Eiffel Tower, creating the most beautiful image of Paris on the day.

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