Giorgio Armani Prefall 2019 Collection

Giorgio Armani Prefall 2019 Collection is an idea of easy elegance, in which dense, vibrant colour distorts balance without altering the sense of a style made up of conciseness, purity, and precision.

The collection is a reinterpretation of Armani codes based on instinct and energy.

It features timeless garments, from suits to trench coats, little dresses to flowing overcoats and shimmering evening-wear pantsuits, all intensified by bright hues that illuminate a reassuring palette of greys, beiges, greiges, and blues.

Double faced cashmere, mohair, shantung and duchess satin in solid colours are combined with masculine overchecked patterns, stripes, graphic prints and small flowers, bringing a sense of freedom to the silhouette.

The result is innovative and timeless: a new classic, brimming with character.

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