ALIANNA LIU AW2019/20 Ready-To-Wear Collection

ALIANNA LIU AW2019/20 Ready-To-Wear Collection has been entirely inspired by an encounter with a jellyfish bloom the time she was surfing, expressing through the prints, color palette, and patterns.

“I’ve always been drawn to the art form of nature.” said the designer about his inspiration for her latest work.“Last summer, I spent most of my time at the beach right before I got the idea about this collection.

One day, the noon-time sun was heating, I was in the middle of the sea, relaxing on the board, away from everything else. 

The azure sky was there, upon the calm, green sea. It was almost as perfect as a painting.

Then I saw a jellyfish bloom right beneath me. This transparent little creature was moving around and have tentacles hanging down.

I had this feeling of fear. I know some have tentacles that can stretch 2 meters, and some are as small as a thumbnail. But I can’t keep my eyes from its beautiful movements. ” 

The collection is colorful, mature, vivid and feminine. The electric, ungodly alien inspire the motifs of the collection.

Prints were the pictures reminded in dreams, after the experience of the bloom, hand drew by the designer.

“At once these exquisite life forms are elegant and mysterious.”The hand-stitched materials highlight the pieces with swirling patterns in different shades of blue.

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