Giorgio Armani SS2019 Women's Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10 Pick

Giorgio Armani SS2019 Women's Collection

The shape of colour.

Emotions that turn into colours.

Colours that become shapes. a fluid, fickle, changing journey in which being and appearing are one: an expression of linear, quintessentially Armani elegance. 

Shapes are simple, light, elongated: they create a slender and intangible silhouette, enveloping the body in delicate halos of metallic greys, silky pastels, multi-coloured reflections and soft blues with touches of bright pink and green.

The shifting shades, reminiscent of a pool of water hit by light, permeate a rich wardrobe of fluid jackets and trousers.

Elongated gowns crossed with pleats and embroideries, as well as ankle boots and small mesh bags, and large shoppers.

It is the firm yet weightless look of the materials that defines the spirit of the collection: delicate yet full of strength.

For authentic women who express themselves by being themselves, in total and complete freedom.

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