SALVATORE FERRAGAMO 2018 Mother's Day Pick

Salvatore Ferragamo celebrates this sacred and moving mother's by by selecting a series of products with our classic house icon, “Gancino”, to express thanks for the great love and selfless devotion of mothers. In Italian, Gancino is a small metal hook. It is an ode to the wrought-iron gate of where the original Salvatore Ferragamo workshop was in Florence. This distinctive element is more than a charm or a hook, it is nearly a logo, and appears on countless accessories and pieces of apparel. Its use was embraced definitively since the end of 1980s in a successful balance of style and function.

Gancino Quilting is a strong modern quilted series with an updated iconic double Gancino logo. The contemporary stylish and functional design is an essential to every classy woman. Gancini Pump Shoes with a double Gancino logo design is an update of the classic, which featured bold, modern and iconic at the same time. The trendy mid-heel and comfortable round-toe design, together with flexible materials allows it to be a perfect gift for mothers’ day.

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