Brunello Cucinelli SS2018 ANIMA MUNDI Lifestyle Collection

Brunello Cucinelli SS2018
ANIMA MUNDI Lifestyle Collection

In the Brunello Cucinelli boutique on Via Montenapoleone a journey is chronicled, an exploration of a world without borders, where urban and tribal vibes blend through a very close connection of heritage and modernity, in a pure Brunello Cucinelli style.

The brightest and clearest pathways lead to the new SS2018 Lifestyle Collection, the expression of a comfortable environment focusing its light on crisp natural canvas, shiny steel carved into wood, sparkling touches sprinkled over snow-white cloths.

Visitors are like wayfarers walking down a dynamic route combining far-away explorations with daily luxury living. A contemporary traveller who, after crossing sunbathed lands and days, brings home a light-filled inspiration to design a welcoming and comfortable space where to put one’s Soul to rest.

The final port of call is the «Casa Brunello Cucinelli», where  visitors can regain control of their human dimension and leave the hustle and bustle outside, surrounded by the genuine gifts of our precious land, Umbria, where the warm touch of the sun fills our “Green Gold” with new life.

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