HOGAN SS2018 Men & Women Collection

HOGAN SS2018 The Urban Gysetter Women Collection
The Hogan woman is a world citizen, a cosmopolitan: the city is her natural territory. She has an uncoventional approach to life and down-to-heart ease. Her gypsy spirit fuses with the sophistication of a global traveler: She’s a cultured urban nomad that loves to blend her non-conformist essence with the glamour of the places of the hour. her home and work residence are influenced by art, culture, design… She has an innovative and creative style, her multicultural imaginary influences her wardrobe choices. she’s ironic and lively, she loves to pair unique and contemporary pieces with fashion of yore, showing an effortlessly-cool self-confidence and ageless aesthetic.

Playful and vivid, modern and sophisticated, the Hogan SS2018 accessories collection finds its natural fit in this woman’s charismatic lifestyle. Her life is a journey; hogan is her ultimate style-minded companion. The brand’s luxury sneakers are characterized by intense shades, layering of stripes and details, such as denim flowers applications, beads, iridescent platforms and multi-color laces. the renowned ‘H222’ Maxi-platform sneakers are joined by pratical yet classy sandals and feminine wedges, pairing with the new summer season’s trends. Bag’s silhouttes are essential, adorned by elements that mimic those of the shoes offer.

white, neutrals, ancient rose, ginger, amber yellow, mint cyclades blue

Leather, suede, iridiscent metallic, denim

Multi-color stripes and beads, patterened laces, wood and cork trims, denim flowers, tassels

The Men collection is a perfect combination of contemporary and ageless elegance paired with the most advanced processing techniques. the hogan man is an urban ulysses, the city is his natural territory. he is a global traveler, a cultured urban nomad with an innovative and creative style. his wardrobe is influenced by multicultural art and design. his style shows an effortless-cool self-confidence and an unconventional approach to life.

The new hogan luxury-sneaker ‘interactive‘ is the high-tech evolution of the brand’s heritage ‘interactive’. proposed in a variety of colours and materials, the new urban trainer features its original distinctive elements associated with an innovative design and modern appeal. ‘interactives’ versatility and contemporary look is made for the cosmopolitan and dynamic man of the hour. The collection also includes the ‘H357’ running sneakers in suede and techno fabrics, presented in neutrals colors and vivid shades. the renowned ‘H340’ low-top and hi-top come in black or white leather, with red contrast stitching on the bead. the ‘H358’ slip-on in soft suede with cord insert on the sole is perfect for a relaxed urban look.
Ice, sand, black, ink blue, silver, yellow
Suede, leather, high-tech fabrics

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