REDValentiono Spring 2017 Collection

REDValentiono Spring 2017 collection is a flair of subversive daring mixed with ingenue spontaneity and a firm will to use fashion as individual expression is what REDValentino stands for. The collection is a repertoire of possibilities that can be interpreted in many ways, free from conventions and impositions. Constant self-reinvention is what the REDValentino girl seeks and enjoys, in fact.

She is her own storyteller, writing an endlessly renewed fable through the many images she projects onto the world. The world is surely a stage for her, but the story is authentic just as much as it is theatrical, witty, funny and even a tad anarchic. The REDValentino girl never gives up dreaming. She is a realist, however, knowing that reality is the product of the imagination. For spring, she enjoys a back n’ forth dialogue with opulence and preciousness.

The theme is evident yet the interpretation is unexpected : fresh and fragile, up to a point. Keeping an eye on her mom’s couture pieces, the REDValentino girl makes them her own, unafraid to get her hands dirty and delve into the concrete jungle clad in tapestries, embroideries and transparencies.

There is a sense of irreverence and eccentricity to the tale: a fearless mix ‘n match of impalpable dresses and opulent coats, of jeans, glitter and brocades, animalier motifs and lingerie nods. Following an idea of clothing that melts with the environment, tapestry textures are everywhere, contradicted by an innocent use of transparency in the tiered dress and airy skirts.

In the game of appropriation of couture tropes, even the pragmatic trench-coat gets a ladylike shape, while denim shorts and skirts swarm in intricate intarsia patterns.

To-the-calf lengths and demure jumpers convey an air of graciousness. Petite bags, studded shoulder bags and roomy sacks mix with sandals, clogs and studded loafers.

Colors are neutrals, with dashes of denim blue and shots of black. Ultimately, the apparent properness heralds a sense of total freedom: it’s about playing off-center couture to bring poetry everywhere.

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