The Opium Spa @ A Haven For Renewal & Inspiration For A Lifestyle Change

Inspired by natural beauty, The Opium Spa links the discovery of one of the world’s most fascinating cultural environments to the health and wellbeing by using the products that not only regenerate the skin, but also impart a profound sense of wellbeing to spirit and mind. The experience bought mylifestylenews to a different level of indulgence during a recent visit……

The Opium Spa is a sanctuary of wellness within The Siam hotel in the historical heart of Dusit district, Bangkok. The moment while you enter the spa via the floor level going down the stairway, the first impression is that ‘WOW’ moment and you will be carried away by its opulent surrounding. The setting is on the lowest floor in the hotel’s main building and whether you are looking down into the spa reception vestibule from above or looking up from below, this spa décor is so beautifully designed to create not just a sense of anticipation, but serenity as well, even before you have begun your treatment.

The water feature in the middle of this high ceiling “courtyard” surrounded by artisanal crafted wood floor to ceiling high blinds, yet wondrous space helps to put your mind into another world you need to be before you go into the treatment rooms. All the seating is so spread out that you will never feel crowded nor have a need to worry about sitting close to others while contemplating what awaits you. Such thoughtful design and luxury of space is rare to find even in some of the best luxury hotels, so lap this up.

The exclusive Sadashi therapies are unparalleled in performance and purity, employing only the chemical free and finest ethically-sourced essential oils and plant actives to visibly heal and nurture. Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it, and while we only had time for two treatments, we think it positively healed and nurtured our tired muscles and aches and gave us a greater sense of wellbeing.

We chose two body massage therapies to indulge ourselves with the Muay Thai massage and the Swedish Massage. They are different in style, the Muay Thai is a stronger massage that uses slow strokes and firm pressure to ease built up stress and muscle tension, assisting the release of blockages, knots and toxins from the body. It is perfect for fitness recovery or deep seated tension. The muscles were more relaxed and a few sore spots had been improved in terms of movement and circulation after the treatment.

The Swedish massage was a bit more on the relaxing side with less pressure, although you can dial up more pressure just by telling the therapist that no pain no gain! This classic massage technique is perfect for restoring a sense of calm, using a flowing and relaxing technique that incorporates five classical movements to help soothe the nervous system, release knots and reduce muscle tension. One of the movements involves using both the thumbs in a plaiting formation and you can instantly feel the effect in a tingly way that you want more of.

In such intimately private, we thoroughly enjoyed our wellness journey and were transported to that higher plain one seeks when getting addicted to spas (like we are). The location and surroundings are just heavenly as well as the treatment, having some all-by-myself me time is something you must do for one in a while escaping from concrete jungle bustling city life.

A less than 3 hours flight from Hong Kong to this heavenly retreat, we assured you the journey will be well enjoyed as well as the destination as you will instantly get the sense that the Opium Spa provides a haven for renewal and inspiration for a lifestyle change. After all, Spa can be addictive!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Room Amenities: 5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 5/5

Muay Thai Massage

3/2, Thanon Khao,
Vachirapayabal, Dusit
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 206 6999

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