Seoul’s Hotspot Light Rose Garden Sets Foot In Hong Kong

Originated from Seoul, Korea, mass public installation project “Light Rose Garden – Hong Kong” is finally landed in Hong Kong, Its creative team, PANCOM, together with beneficiary Fair Trade Hong Kong Foundation (FTHK), curator AllRightsReserved, sponsor GP Batteries, and supporting units Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and PMQ, the team planted a sea of roses, as romantic as it is spectacular, in one of Hong Kong’s most symbolic landmarks - the Central Promenade.

25,000 white roses made of LED lights were illuminating and bridging the romantic vibe the Valentine’s Day from both the East and West entail. This art installation project “Light Rose Garden – Hong Kong” is a symbol of the ubiquity of love. It is now officially opened to the public from now on till 22nd February 2016, lighting up at 6pm every evening to transform the park into a sea of roses. White rose, pure and innocent, represents sacred love. Every illuminating white rose in the garden is waterproof, consists of an LED light and is surrounded by seven layers of petals. Lights will be on from 6pm to 11pm every evening, the Light Rose Garden demonstrates two versions of view during the day and night time that are equally mesmerizing. At any spot, visitors can easily capture the stunning view and sea of roses, this very touching moment.

The exhibition comes in two parts representing the different vibes brought about by the Valentine’s Day from the West and the Lantern Festival - an answer to the western Valentine’s Day in the East. The first phase from February 14 to 16, coinciding with the Valentine’s Day will take place at the Central and Western District Promenade, set to leave visitors a romantic moment against the backdrop of the beautiful Victoria Harbour. From February 20 to 22, the second phase that celebrates the Lantern Festival will move to the adjacent Tamar Park, placed against the backdrop of the Central business district and its tower skyscrapers most vibrant sight of Hong Kong. The rose garden will open partially and please visitors with a touch of love during its migration between February 17 and 19.

PANCOM’s strength is to create visual installation arts through unconventional means and light projection technology. Light Rose Garden has generated a huge buzz from locals and tourists since it was displayed in Seoul, Korea in October, 2014. Its creative team, PANCOM, has now decided to let the sea of roses blossom all over the world, organizing the first world tour while picking Hong Kong as its first destination. PANCOM’s head of designer Mr Yong Jin Jeong was excited about the project and said, “We would like to thank AllRightsReserved for inviting us and making this project happen in Hong Kong. We‘re attracted to this beautiful place when we first arrived Central Promenade located in the heart of Central. You can see a huge piece of recreational lawn with stunning views - tower skyscrapers at the back and Victoria Harbour in the front that add cosmopolitan charm to the city! We are grateful to Amherst Inc. for providing great support to bring Light Rose Garden from Korea to Hong Kong. We hope it brings joy and love to locals as well as tourists from other countries on this Valentine’s Day!”

The PANCOM team spent six months in preparation and made several trips to Hong Kong before eventually settling on the Central Promenade and Tamar Park. It is the first time the Tamar Park has held any exhibit for the public since it has opened, compared to the one in Korea, the exhibition in Hong Kong is bigger in size with more roses. The team based their design of the sea of flowers on the landscape and environment of the promenade and Tamar Park with 70cm and 80cm, two different heights of roses, utilising the height difference at the site to bring in a dynamic visual effect when arranging the 25,000 white roses. The flowers are packed tightly 25 on every three square metres to weave a variety of love stories that belong to everyone. The roses will light up the sky of the Central promenade.


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