GOLDEN FLOWER Wynn Macau Chinese Fine Dining Back In Action

The Michelin two-star Golden Flower in Wynn Macau celebrates the life of Cantonese Qing dynasty official Tan Zongjun, offering you a rare chance to experience authentic Tan cuisine, an exclusive tradition presenting the flavours of China’s interior: Tan, Lu (Shandong), and Sichuan. mylifestylenews embarks on a journey of cuisine that aims to impress with delicate flavours.

The delicacies of Tan are rooted in the passion of a historic Cantonese official who made it his personal quest to blend the finest of northern and southern cuisines. Tan Zongjun inspired several generations of chefs to uphold the traditions of Tan Cuisine, including Golden Flower’s very own Master Chef Liu Guo Zhu, who worked for more than a decade in the same kitchen as a chef from the original Tan household. Master Liu, who heads Golden Flower and oversees Wynn Macau’s entire Chinese kitchen operations, was discovered during Wynn Macau’s exhaustive two-year search for China’s best Mainland Chinese chefs. His four decades of work experience include more than twenty years at the legendary Beijing Hotel (where he cooked for Her Royal Highness the Queen of England, US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and Chinese leader Deng Xiao Ping); Executive Chef at the Beijing Grand Hotel; and Chief Instructor at the Chinese Culinary Institute of Hong Kong.

Set in an opulent and exclusive dining room, this restaurant is the proud recipient of two Michelin stars and Forbes Travel Guide Five Star Restaurant, and to ensure you have a truly memorable dining experience, the interior design is absolutely stunning. Hundreds of tea pots are used as the ceiling lights as well as many of the old and new tea pots and porcelain vases collections from around the world are display on the wall when you enter Golden Flower restaurant. A live tea pot museum is around you, not too busy dizzy just yet we hope but you must spend time to appreciate the owner’s unique yet delicate collection.

Enters to the main dining room, the busy yet organized art deco inspired chairs and couches with Chinese elements attached create an almost full-house impact together with the Feng Shui mini “wishing tree” center-staged the restaurant with harmony. The venue reflects elements inspired by the home of British tycoon Frederick Leyland known as the “Peacock Room”, on permanent display at Washington D.C.’s Freef Gallery of Art. Other extravagant touches include a red-and-white cloisonné mosaic floor from Ravenna, Italy and Mariano Fortuny light fixtures that borrow the aesthetic of Chinese silk lanterns.

Complimenting the opulent interior is tableware by award-winning designer Alan Chan and staff uniforms by Rene Ozorio, the creative director of Jim Thompson, the Bangkok-based silk design house.  Another unique touch is the in-house tea sommelier to present a wide selection of premium teas from China’s best known tea regions.

A set menu has been arranged to showcase the quality of ingredients and some signature dishes, which starts off with a plate of assorted cold appetizers: Sweet and sour cabbage with chili vinaigrette; tossed jellyfish head with vinegar and garlic; pork hock terrine; and spicy roasted yellow croaker (a type of fish). The cabbage was a great combination of flavours with the chili vinaigrette creating that punch of flavor which we very much enjoyed. The jellyfish was poignant for the vinegar and garlic and was a perfect foil for the first tasting. The terrine was a delicate gamey flavor encased in aspic and after the first two morsels, it reset the palate with a refined taste. Lastly, the spicy fish was delicious, with a juicy tenderness that was very much appreciated by all.

Next were two soups, both using chicken stock as a base. The fresh clam and jasmine chicken soup was very delicate in flavor with the underlying chicken stock being punctuated by the jasmine and the clams added some texture without overpowering the other flavours, an award winning Chinese version of consommé of sort.

The Stewed fish maw with crab in supreme chicken soup was equally delicate, with the fish maw and crab claw adding some depth of texture and yet the main focus on the supreme chicken soup which we enjoyed immensely.

The next dish was a quintessential Chinese signature dish for any Chinese reputable restaurant, so the braised seas cucumber with Shandong leeks was presented beautifully with a glistening coating of special sauce with the leeks to offset the richness of the sea cucumber texture. It may not be a dish to everyone’s taste, but quite enjoyable nonetheless.

The sizzling beef slice brought us back to very familiar territory and this was perfect in every way, with juicy tender meat packed with flavor and to be enjoyed in a sesame puff. Another signature dish that resonated well with us, as this familiar dish was superb in execution by the kitchen.

 The seasonal vegetables that followed were well received with just the right level of cooking, so the vegetables were overly cooked and we enjoyed the crunchy texture and flavours.

Throughout the meal, each course was matched with a tea by the restaurants in-house tea sommelier, so it was an interesting journey to enjoy Chinese high end teas that we felt did compliment each course and thus, we were able to continue to focus on the flavor of the food without finding food being overshadowed by a wine as in the Western practice. So a rather expansive meal that ended with some delectable Imperial Petits Fours and our journey of Chinese cuisine came to an end for the evening.

The staff were faultless in their service and attentiveness and we could see that every table was given the same attention and care. As this food cannot be taken casually, as every step needs to be explained and savoured. A wonderful evening that we will not forget, with the addition of a sumptuous décor that caught our attention from beginning to end and you cannot help but marvel at the beautifully chosen ceramics that adorn the entrance and other areas of the restaurant. Golden Flower at Wynn Macau, the Chinese fine dining is backed in action.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5

Interior Design
Rare & Delicate Tan Cuisine

Rua Cidade de Sintra,
Nape, Macau
Tel:+853 8986 3663

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