Paul Smith @ SS2013 Ad Campaign

Paul Smith SS2013 campaign shot in London by Paul Smith signifies a move on from the minimalist black background campaigns of the previous seasons. Taking its lead from the men's catwalk show in Paris from earlier this year, the light turquoise hued walls and carpet have been faithfully reproduced to be featured as the backdrop for the models. In one studio, two reproductions of the men's catwalk were recreated, in order to faithfully shoot the still campaign on one side, and video for web content on the other. 
Attention to detail was key. The actual carpet from the men's show was brought from Paris in order to perfectly match the look and feel from that day, and continuous lighting recreated the warm, summery natural daylight. A change in approach is the grouping of models for this season. With an array of brightly colored men's suits, six models were chosen along with one girl model in order to create a bright, positive image portraying the variety and depth of color in this season's collections. 

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