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y choosing a boutique design hotel for an urban staycation is not only injecting so much joy and positive vibe to the entire experience but also creating an inspirational journey by putting a smile on your face with mesmerizing memories to bring home and share, EAST Hong Kong never fails to inspire. mylifestylenews writes.

EAST Hong Kong has earned its recognition for 12 years since the hotel opened in January 2010. This urban lifestyle business hotel dares to dream big and they think out of the box as well to go beyond the comfort zone, making this fun-filled hotel thoughtful and playful, spreading joy and inspirations, not forgetting the recently renovated sumptuous FEAST (Food by EAST) restaurant that gives you more than a tasty start to your day.

Finding the hotel is easy, EAST Hong Kong has a strategic and unique location that may not be at the top of everyone’s list situated in the residential and business hub of Tai Koo Shing - a re-known residential estate for then and now, but it is a relatively short MTR ride from Central Hong Kong - with the Airport Express train after you landed. It sits adjacent to a lifestyle shopping mall that offers an alternative exploration as well as to discover and to get a glimpse of the cultural neighbourhood and heritage that reflects that brand’s philosophy.

You will have that moment of anticipation once you arrive in the hotel lobby, as the playful art starts to unfold before your eyes and in a sense they have decluttered the lobby and made art the key focus - in a contemporary subtle elegant way. Designed by award-winning Hong Kong based architect and interior design studio CL3 Architects Ltd, EAST Hong Kong was created with every attention given to physical comfort with captivating design elements of an artistic touch.

The harmonious entrance at the foyer with a stairway is designed to let in light with an uplifting sense of space in stark contrast that not only illuminated the reception desk, but the striking <Bird Nest> draws your eyes upward with an enclosed glass staircase makes a bold statement, taking you from the ground level to another floor to explore further is the sign of coming home and welcome back that you won't miss, truly iconic, inspiring and uplifting your senses upon arrival.

Contemporary and large objects of art installation are found everywhere in the hotel and all artworks express nature, youth and vitality in line with the modernity of the surroundings including the 
<Leaping Fish> hanging feature that creates a great flow of qi in harmony.

<The Tree of Life> wall behind the front desk that is to admire and the use of the bamboo for the inspired <Bird Cage> architecture of buildings surrounding EAST Hong Kong by local artist Kum Chi Keung to create his thought-provoking Bamboo City installation.

What makes EAST Hong Kong stand out from the crowd is its focus on art that creates a playful touch in so many places throughout the hotel, so no space is boring and whether you are in the lift, lift lobbies, guest corridors, restaurant or bar, even not forgetting the adjacent passage ways to the shopping mall - you just need to spot the arty displays and elements with an open mind as the entire property is constantly being showered with artful touches that are pleasing to the eye and put a smile on your face.

As a large part of their business is corporate (given the surrounding corporate office towers) this is an integral part in helping the guests to relax and soothe the senses even when working. Hence, the newly created DOMAIN offers a cafe style-like co-working space right at the entrance to FEAST which is in the thick of the playful art on show. What a clever approach this is and in itself has become Instagrammable!

Being a Swire Group hotel, a certain quality standard of amenities is adhered to facilitate the brand image from their most luxurious properties to this mid-tier boutique brand is relatable and yet it still feels luxurious in a less formal and a more approachable friendly way. There is quality everywhere you look and explore, interior and exterior are pretty well kept and adequately maintained for a premise that is more than a decade of living age infused with very warmth and welcoming hospitality.

Relaxation is the key and EAST Hong Kong really knows how to deliver this. Our welcome greeting was warm and the check-in process very quick and efficient. To our pleasant surprise, we were being upgraded to a corner Harbour View Suite on the 30th floor. Evidently, with just six Suites on the same floor, the arty design elements just don't stop either and you may need a couple of seconds to figure out and get use to the handle free entrance door that is nearly being camouflaged with the entire hallway wall that is already a stand out from the usual suspect room arrival experience.

Our blissful corner Harbour View Suite is diligently designed to eschew the usual room layout and gone for one big long open plan design that makes the suite feel a lot bigger than it is with their signature playful touch. Upon entering the 60sqm suites and this doesn’t get anymore playful as you’ll be immediately greeted by the charming “Made in China” punchy signature green Dino figure designed by acclaimed Chinese Sculptor Sui Jianguo, adding a sensible touch and humour to melt your heart with an immediate comforting smile of your face clearly shown, well juxtaposed with the minimalist chic interior and decor by adding a splash of playful pop culture and fun no less.

Adding further to the sleek design feature in this Harbour View Suite is the stylish hanging perspex designer bubble chair that is certainly wanting you to feel more at home by lounging around in your very preferred way to relax and chill alongside with a curved sofa and bright ottoman that enhances the entire living area. While the sizeable desk is placed to the back of the sofa, it allows you to take in and embrace the harbour view without much interruption.

The contents of the minibar are complimentary and can be refilled in a jiffy, including local beers and snacks for you to spend some real good times in this most sought-after spacious Harbour View Suite in no time.

The open plan bathroom sets the mood in blond wood tones and beige to gray marble stone and comes with wonderful upscale amenities as well as an “onsen” bath and rain shower that is window side for the purposes of not missing out on any view that comes alive in the morning. Despite the narrow standing gap, there is plenty of wardrobe space to unpack your entire luggage especially if you are checking in for a longer stay and sensibly having the luxurious soft king size bed centre so that you can look out to the harbour views without getting up with a gentle touch from the bedside control buttons.

If you want to stretch out and get some exercise, the Body by Beast gym and outdoor pool tick all the boxes with great options to sweat out after indulging too much at FEAST and the reasonably sized pool is wide enough to get a few laps in or just chill out on the capacious pool deck for further relaxation.

Hong Kong is renowned for its rooftop bar and dining scene in the evenings and Sugar is well recommended. Take time to head to the 32nd floor rooftop bar  as the views are unsurpassed and it has a cozy feel on the outdoor terrace especially in early spring, with the gentle harbour breeze simply refreshing and inviting. 

Whether it is just the two of you or a group of friends, you won’t feel out of place and the casual vibe is a relief with groovy music spins while sipping some of the house signature cocktails as well as some really affordable premium selection of French wines and champagne at the same time soaking in the entire sunset harbour view.

Sugar is one of the most sought-after and chill rooftop bars in Hong Kong.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be had at FEAST which has become an institution for the local residents and foodies alike. FEAST serves a fantastic breakfast with both wonderful and flavoursome Asian and Western dishes that never fail to pique the taste buds - especially their Dim Sum selection by Chef’s choice that changes from time to time.

FEAST also went through a face lift for its new and stylistic interior and decor with a vivid imagined artwork featuring a cascade of butterflies that skirts along the eatery by Australian artist, Jayne Dyer which expresses that butterflies are in a constant state of flux, transition and migration - mimicking the movement and travel patterns of the visitors is an upward journey through the spaces.

Service is efficient and friendly, but as buffets goes, it is a pleasure to roam the many stations and help yourself to so many delicious things. The FEAST culinary team certainly know how to tackle your taste buds.

EAST Hong Kong is one of those hidden delights that will have you going back for more - business or pleasure, whenever you go to Hong Kong and even for the locals that live out in the territories looking for the perfect staycation. Considering the bustling life everywhere in the city, EAST Hong Kong is like a calm oasis that never fails to soothe the senses and the warm and friendly team always make you feel welcome! So when planning your next trip to this Asian metropolis, you may consider dropping Central or Kowloon locale for a (wise) change, think EAST!

 Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Room Amenities: 4.5/5
Food & Beverages: 4.5/5
Housekeeping: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 5/5

EAST Hotel Hong Hong
29, Taikoo Shing Road,
Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3968 3968

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