BLISS SPA W Hong Kong Introduces The Japanese Healing Stone Therapy

Perched atop the 72nd floor is the Bliss Spa W Hong Kong with inspiring Victoria Harbour view to admire together with a wide variety of rejuvenating spa and massage treatments to energize your body and soul, especially with the recent introduction of their signature Japanese volcano healing stone therapy. mylifestylenews writes.

Bliss Spa W Hong Kong blissfully opened its door in 2008 and has been a staple of the Hong Kong spa scene ever since. The arrival experience is a little underwhelming, lacking the zen and calm effect as the retail store setting with uncountable right-in-your-face brands of products on display creates a rather claustrophobic beauty clinic impression. The spa boasts over 14,500 square feet of relaxation space with two luxury coupes suites and nine treatment rooms overlooking the various aspects of this Asian metropolis.

But first, let’s talk about the stunning Couples Suite. Each suite is like a one bedroom apartment, with a big day bed in one window corner, a huge round jacuzzi tub at the other end of the room with the same jaw-dropping views, the treatment beds in the centre of the room and a toilet, experience shower and wardrobe space along the back of the room for whatever you bring along. While the bright ambience was not your typical spa oasis - think dimly lit with an interior design that lulls you into a sense of relaxation - the Bliss Spa treatment rooms are flooded by natural daylights as it is all about the views, so there are no artful touches that would normally associate with a "zen-sation" spa.

But the cheerful and attentive services turned things around especially when we are being the first to experience the latest signature treatment - The Japanese volcano healing stone therapy massage. Once we were escorted to the couple suite treatment room, it resonates with us as a spa experience should and here’s balm for the worn-out and depleted.

The Japanese Healing Stone Therapy is essentially a hot stone massage in tandem with a pressured massage using a new range of oil products especially chosen for the hot stone treatment. It starts with your feet being placed in spa socks that moisturize your feet with heated cells of wax. Our therapists seemed very confident about performing this new massage and not once did we feel that there was some hesitancy. The first few moments were about getting us into that zen zone and getting the body to relax with a warm-up pressured massage while lying face down on our back, arms and legs. After a few moments, the hot stone experience begins.

The therapist holds one in each hand and expertly uses the hot smooth stones to massage our body and they are a wonderful sensation. It is easy to understand the benefits of the heat from the stones draining the bodies tired muscles of stress and reawakening the senses. For a millisecond you think the stones are a little hot, but you quickly acclimatize and enjoy the heat very much and the pressure being brought to the body simultaneously. The tension tacklers. Our signature treatment uses different-sized and shaped of natural  volcano healing soapstones bathed in the bespoke luxurious Japanese five elements therapeutic oils from Lapidem Tokyo to ease muscle tension, remove toxins and work on the deeper levels of muscle pain efficiently with its long-lasting healing effects and nourishing rich minerals. This is the perfect choice to loosen you up and sleep deeply after a long and hectic day. After approximately 20-30 minutes, the therapist segues into a signature body massage with the traditional hand massage treatment which allows her to get to those knotted muscles in those hard to get places on your body that the hot stones can’t reach and it is a wonderful combination overall. The final moments are spent getting a head and shoulders massage and then it is time to relax by optimizing health in balance and harmony. It was heavenly!

After we’ve been warmed with stones and pummelled back to peak health, make sure to stick around for a further body experience which is the 30 minutes Hokkaido milk super nourishing jacuzzi bubble bath. It is time to own the moment while marveling at the majestic view above all.  We then enjoyed a final rinse in the experience shower and this was another enjoyable moment with multiple jets of water spraying the body at different angles and heights. E
very home should have one of these.

It goes without saying that a Bliss Spa treatment will definitely refresh your skin, detoxify the body, quieten the mind, energize the soul and the senses can be pampered and uplifted. Such an experience is blissfully yours!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Room Amenities: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

1 Austin Road West,
Kowloon Station,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3717 2222
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    7. The treatment included a massage of the head, hands, and shoulders, which was a welcome surprise. According to Fanny, a spa treatment isn't complete till the entire body feels at ease. She worked on other portions of my body, but she did not ignore my face. She applied the Lapidem Vital Mask on my face following the soapstone face massage, saying it has natural elements like avocado and apricot oils that will instantly brighten my skin. This was done before she began the body massage.