A|X Armani Exchange SS2023 Advertising Campaign

A|X Armani Exchange advertising campaign develops around the new claim WE BEAT AS ONE, which clearly and effectively embodiesthe values and uniqueness of the brand, an expression of vibrant energy, movement and style that come together in a single beat. Rhythm as an emotional impulse and a choral experience that arises from shared diversity and a sense of connectedness, the kind you feel at clubs or concerts underlining the spirit of the brand is the latest.

Shot in the studio by Drew Vickers, the advertising images star light, white and refracted in the background, alongside a diverse and inclusive cast. The subjects, either alone or in pairs, are photographed in dynamic poses such as dance moves and the fluidity of the gestures is underlined by clothes freely chosen and combined with no distinction of gender. The positive and energetic message also permeates the video of the campaign and is highlighted by the music track choice, easily recognizable within the first notes: My Heart Goes Boom by French Affair, perfectly in line with the rhythm and spirit of the collection.

As of this season, the beat becomes an identifying sound to accompany the launch of the campaign. As part of a project developed in collaboration with IED – Istituto Europeo di Design and involving a multidisciplinary group of young talents, the new sound logo – created by sound designers Simona Argurio and Riccardo Paparella, and animated by graphic designers Chiara Gucciardi and Enrico Clementi – translates the A|X aesthetics into the language of music: immediate, minimal and evocative.


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