Versace 2022 Novelties

Versace Medusa Amplified Multicolour influenced by Donatella Versace’s love of music, especially hip hop, the Medusa Amplified prints reimagine Medusa as a music icon. The design visualizes what Medusa would feel like as a song, rhythm, melody or beat. The Rosenthal meets Versace collection plays with bold, spring like colours, contrasts and size variations of the iconic Medusa.

With 30 colours, the extremely elaborate decor, the filigree ornamentation of the Medusa heads and the meander bands around them were a great challenge for the experienced lithographers at Rosenthal in realising the decor designs that require an extraordinary deal of knowhow and precision. The Medusa Amplied Gift collection contains three vases in different sizes, a service plate, an ash tray, a small dish and a small plate as well as the popular scented candle.

These short sets pay tribute to Versace‘s institutional Medusa, reimagined and amplified in fresh pastel colors. The iconic head is imposingly emblazoned in green, blue, pink and orange on Rosenthal plates framed by a classic meander band in gold. The short sets consist of various plates, cups and a cereal bowl in all four colors, namely Green Coin, Blue Coin, Pink Coin and Orange Coin, and are complemented by a coffee pot, teapot, creamer and sugar bowl as well as three vases.

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