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Bangkok has a plethora of dining options which sometimes makes it hard to make a decision, but there is always something new and innovative ideas out there from the genius Thai mind of creativity endlessly striving to surprise you with the unknown yet can just about satisfy all your cravings with its flavoursome Thai gastronomy inspired by time-honoured recipes. Inka has it says. mylifestylenews writes.

It is always exciting to come across a new restaurant that has its own identity and unique character, not only delivering tasty food at the forefront as well as redefining its traditional flavour with innovative techniques and artful presentation while enjoying an alternative stylish dining experience yet not forgetting the sumptuous and abundance to experience something new and unknown notoriously to tempt you by coming back and wanting for more. 

Opened a few months back, Inka is another new venture by Nara Thai Cuisine group and it translates as the light of glory or “sunrise”, brings you light, good positive vibe and captures the design of a hideaway paradise for those wishing to escape from the busy life outside. This hide-away extends to a more trendy lifestyle for diners living in the city as well as to experience the Progressive Thai food from specific provinces reconstructed with ethic roots and redefined in a modern and creative presentation and taste in the heart of Bangkok where the hip Bangkokians eat.

Tucked away on the 5th floor restaurant level in one of the city’s most prestigious shopping malls in Central Embassy, Inka may not be the most stand-out restaurant on the entire F&B floor precinct, due to its relatively small frontage façade design inspiration of the posh Mykonos beach club but the spacious nearly wall-less entrance may make you think you are about to enter a home living store, yet you will not know what lies within until you explore the hidden surprises.

Its tropical homey bright and earth tone colour a-la-mode décor creates a clean 
relaxing vibe pampers you in a modern home-feel interior that is a very eye-catching take on ethnic decoration.

Inka cleverly engaged the traditional heritage 
using materials that are very organic, paying homage to nature as well as the natives living in the rural Thai villages that have quite a handsome craftmanship towards natural materials such as wood carving, rattan weaving, raw ceramics etc., used by creating the core ornamental objects from chicken and fish cages, rattan cushioned swing chairs and lounge chairs to hanging lamps, arty and colorful ceramic vases, table tops and more being transformed from this tribal gadgets into eye-catching decorations and bringing them back to life, which immediately creates an inviting space that enlightens the entire interior contrasting the traditional cultural aspect and modern dining ambience.

When you venture in further through the main dining area towards the end, the soft-curved white-washed walls interior brightens the entire spacious dining area and the spotless giant window drawing plenty of natural light overlooking the panoramic view of the other side of the City of Angels especially when you come during the day and before the night fall. Evening mood set into a softer tone to chill, with instrumental background music soothing the already cosy dining experience. You may want to reserve the seagull cave haven seating which is quite a popular request by most diners.

While you may not know what to expect from the menu and there may not be an exact synonym to describe or pronounce Inka’s menu creation but the Bangkokian Bistronomique may be the closest way to embrace the very well and carefully crafted menu created by its culinary team. With the in-house hashtag #eatthebangkokianway, Inka plays around in fusion food and beyond with a fresh take on Thai taste and international-inspired elements to elevate the traditional and flavourful taste of Thainess that represents the modern way posh millennial Bangkokians eat specially conceptualized and finishing the wanderlust experience. Indeed, Same Same But Different!

<Tuna Tostada>
Mexican Not! This Tuna Tostada with crispy tortilla topped with fresh diced tuna tartare in a spicy tangy sauce may look like a cocktail party canape but is well laid on a ceramic stoneware that can best be described as a very Thai flavour in a delicate western influenced presentation that was a rather deliciously mouthful bite.

<Salmon Spicy Noodles Salad with “Phetchaburi” Sauce>
Inspired by reknown Thai dish of Khanom Chin, this colourful noodle salad platter is already so inviting by the look of it, with fresh salmon marinated in fish sauce topped with crispy almost oil free deep-fried salmon skin served together with various condiments, including shredded cabbage, thinly sliced string beans, fresh herbs, cut chilies, quail eggs, hand-pulled chicken, fermented vermicelli and poured over with Inka's very own “Phetchaburi” fermented fish sauce dressing. Tossed well with all ingredients symbolized good prosperity from the abundance of all harvested ingredients. It is a convivial dish that makes everyone happy and the ingredients are fresh, complex yet tasty and very piquant when mixed together with the spices dancing on the tongue. So memorable!

<Roasted Brussel Sprouts Salad>
This normally comes with grilled pork neck and pork cheek and can also be served as a vegetarian dish. We asked for all ingredients to be plant based, just to keep the dish lighter on the palate for a change on this creation. The miniature sprouts were so delicious and wok-fried to a smoky flavour and texture in a sweet and savoury dressing dusted with toasted rice powder and was the surprise hit of the night!

<Coconut Milk Soup with Asari Clams>
Firm and meaty Japanese Asari clams are used to compliment this aromatic and sweet tom kha coconut milk soup in great flavour with a hint of spice, served with a thin sliced of baguette crouton that is a simple pleasure and utterly delicious!

<Inka’s Café de Paris Steak & Anchovy Fries>
While anchovy fries may sound too dominating to some but boy, you will have no idea what you would have missed until you sample this very unique Inka creation. This Inka signature dish is a Thai twist on a classic dish a la Parisienne with the added surprise of Pla Khem - Thai anchovies for depth of flavour in the fries. There is not anything strong about the unique taste of the fries and certainly delectable. The rich and buttery sirloin steak was superbly char-grilled to medium rare perfection and nothing could be faulted, so an absolute winner!

<Chiang Mai Khao Soi with Grilled Lobster>
Khao Soi is another all THAI favourite to many for its rich and creamy curry base to be enjoyed with a variation of condiments and both yellow noodles and crispy noodles served with your choice of beef or chicken usually. Inka do it same same but different, in a more elevated luxury way by having it with a giant grilled lobster tail. Let the coral fan crispy noodle soak in the flavoursome curry sauce to get all the flavour and with the condiments of pickled cabbage, lime and cucumber relish and chilli, so you can create more complex palate to slurp in all the flavour which is absolutely divine.

Deep-Fried Boneless Whole Crispy Chicken>
Thais always have a way for their deep-fried chicken just like the Italians for their pasta and Inka deep-fried whole chicken was done to the perfect golden crispy skin, tender and juicy inside topped with aromatic deep-fried garlic, chili and herbs that truly heightened the flavour of the chicken and to be savoured with every bite. A must order!

Grilled Banana Sticks with Salted Caramel>
Crafted with ingenuity and the love of food, the “Moo Ping” style of grilled banana sticks with biscuit crumble was grilled to a smoky texture and flavour, served with salted caramel and thick fresh cream was a real twist and surprise on the palate. Deliciously decadent without the overt sweetness. Simply love it!

While beers and wines are quite common in most restaurants, cocktails and mocktails are a speciality at Inka and a number of them are most instagrammable to say the least, so make sure you have more than one and try a few different concoctions to liven up the palate, because we did and had a ball in our own hide-away in Inka. The service is very friendly, unpretentious and they go that extra mile to ensure you understand the concept, the ingredients and the atmosphere created by the interior fit-out and the design touches are simply charming and delightful, so surprises aplenty await those diners that looking for a Thai gastronomic pleasure on all counts!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverages: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4.5/5

5F, Central Embassy,
Phloen Chit Road,
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 160 5989

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