LAZOSCHMIDL SS2021 Collection

LAZOSCHMIDL SS2021 Collection features an eclectic mix of colours and materials dressing the complete cast of a never-to-be-produced movie.

Following the couple's stops travelling Utopia, settings range from cheap hotel pools to fast food restaurants and Karaoke bars.

A majority of outfts are tailored in swimwear fabrics made of recycled PET bottles allowing their future wearer to jump into the pool fully dressed.

Cow-print ensembles, retro stripes and lurex glitter biker shorts underline the overall nostalgic vibe – while hand-dyed denim, sheer organza shirts and sequin applications add a touch of indulgence.

We see the return of the iconic Lazoschmidl butterfy as well as a movie poster print by New York based photographer and painter Scott Csoke.

The continues the jewellery collaboration with Saskia Diez presenting cockring necklaces in rare crystals and stones - hand-carved and polished in a family-run stonecutters workshop in a small German town.

Like previous collections, almost every garment has been hand-sown in the Stockholm atelier, further manifesting the idea of in-house craftsmanship and artisanal production – and proving that independent brands like Lazoschmidl can fully realize their vision based on the marriage of two creative minds.

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