Hermes Resort 2019 Collection - Mylifestylenews' Top 10 Pick

Hermes Resort 2019 Collection

It is high summer. A still and sun-soaked summer, the landscape hot even to the imagination. Lie down on flaxen sand. And dream.

Dream of pastel horizons. Dream of pure, hot blocks of colour. Dream of photographing summer through a mirror. Lose yourself in its haze of reflected fragments. 

Dream of a woman, as a painter, whose strokes and lines reverberate into giant Madras motifs.

A woman who could read the signs of the zodiac, which she has scattered across her dentelle dress. Her conviction for nature breaks codes into a complex simplicity. In her cosmic dress she quickly slips on a pair of leather thongs.

She dreams of a trench coat, but in granite pink calfskin. Of a dress in moss green, its colour both intense and soft. Of a tuxedo, its jacket cut like a poncho.

The end of summer. The coolness of leather on bare skin; cut to reveal a glimpse of a thigh, the curve of an arm, the twist of a wrist.

The lightest summer cashmere, the softest, most supple leathers and cotton as glossy as leather shape a new fluidity.

A sea breeze rises across this imagined landscape. Gliding in a cotton chintz dress like a sloop on an open sea at full sail. Carefree. Light as a feather.

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