Glashütte Original 2019 Valentine's Day Pick

This Valentine's Day, Glashütte Original wants you to have a heart you can rely on. The beating heart within the Lady Serenade keeps time to the rhythm of 28,000 half-osc39-22 automatic movement is crafted with care and the help of refined watchmaking skills, as are all movements in the brand own manufactory in Glashütte ovenance. The movement and all its sophistications are easily admired through the sapphire crystal case back: the three-quarter plate, for example, or the swan-neck fine adjustment. This construction, with its charming name, has been used by Glashütte watchmakers since 1888. The rate of the watch is regulated using an adjustment screw on the swan-neck spring, which influences the balance spring by means of a regulator. Adjusting the position of the regulator changes the effective length of the balance spring, enabling regulation of the rate for maximum precision. The 39-22 movement with its 40-hour power reserve is also fitted with a second-stop mechanism, which makes especially precise setting of the time a simple matter. As a result, not a moment is lost may be at the moment. The new Lady Serenade, limited to 50 pieces worldwide, is available from now on from all Glashütte Original Boutiques around the world, and from selected authorised retailers.

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