DUNIYE SPA Hurawalhi Maldives - The Spa of The Universe

There is no better way to awaken you your senses than to have a spa treatment and experience in the middle of basically “no-where” in the Maldives. Duniye Spa in the Hurawalhi Maldives may have something just right for you. mylifestylenews writes.

Wellness travel is growing twice as fast as tourism overall and it is evolving in bold new directions globally. Besides, finding an exclusive one-island-one-resort concept stay, a good spa and wellness retreat would be another bonus add-on to the trip well planned.

Surrounded by a haven of serenity and calm, the idea of the design at Duniye Spa is to enhance your journey to mindful and joyful living. The open air reception is simple: a couple of lounge chairs placed at each corner with a touch of purple plush cushions adds some colors juxtaposing the wooden floors of the seemingly natural aspect and motif. But we couldn’t quite understand the wooden frames with slogans hanging on the wall, which is actually taking away the Zen spirit and harmony of the entire design, which not only ruined the overall ambience but makes it look blatantly unimaginative to a spa decor.

In Maldivian culture, Duniye means “universe” and this name was chosen as it epitomizes what they stand for: A universal approach to wellness, with treatments inspired by the very best of ancient and modern expertise from around the globe. Duniye Spa promises treatment that will not only astonish you but also their passion is wellness, so they believe in the power of connection between mind and body along with the incredible healing powers of the nature surrounding us.

The treatments rooms are built on the water by the beach, similarly to a water chalet concept with a guest reception wooden pavilion bridge leading to the 5 narrow treatment rooms all with ocean facing views. The treatment room is rather claustrophobic especially with two massage beds placed in the middle of the room without allocating much space to move around.

The room is basically without design elements, neither giving you the minimalist feel to it as though it is still in need of some final touches. There are two glassed bottom flooring panels installed for the idea of spotting some live fishes or organisms under the oceanic water while your spa treatment is in action. On the contrary, if you are not doing so well with sea sickness and especially the wave and current are strong during your treatment, by looking at it for your entire treatment may not be a good idea, not to say there were no live creatures beneath the flowing water.

We opt for the Signature Treatments that includes an Asian inspired traditional and refreshing foot ritual to unwind and connect. It is all begun with an exfoliating foot scrub and soak which disinfects the skin and leaves it feeling smooth. The sea salt is well known as an additive to rough scrubs to provide a manual exfoliation to dry and rough skin. Lemon and Cypress act as a disinfectant and help to alleviate aches and pains in tired feet where mint helps to refresh and cool the feet. The entire action took place at the balcony while enjoying the gentle sea breeze brushing your body while the lapping water surrounding the outdoor pavilion relaxes your mind and soul.

We then adjourned to the treatment room with the sense of touch by our therapists to begin with the signature massage. The signature treatment combines the world’s best massage techniques; inspired by African and oriental healing traditions, expect a deeply relaxing and uplifting massage experience. Ginger and Lemongrass herbal poultices are used to evoke a warm, nutrient rich relaxation to tense muscles.

This massage works with the body’s natural energy system to harmonize the energy flow. By utilizing the miracle African Potato body balm, it helps to revive our senses whilst enriching our skin with anti-oxidants and deep hydration. This signature massage is a sense seducing escape from daily life.

Connection with self, body and nature is something that is often missing in our daily and frequently busy lives. Duniye Spa offers you a soothing moment of calm, an opportunity to slow down, relax and be taken care of and perhaps to be inspired and guided by the talented team of healers. Be ready to be spoiled by choice of spa treatments within an eco friendly sustainable setting and find your own universe.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 2.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Signature Treatments

Lhaviyani Atoll, Hurawalhi Island
Republic of Maldives
Tel: +960 662 2000

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