Roger Vivier “Photocall Bag Exhibition” In Hong Kong

Roger Vivier unveiled the “Photocall Bag Exhibition” that crossed the line between art and fashion, featuring the latest collaboration with 10 renowned stylish celebrities and influencers to celebrate the opening of “Roger Vivier Pop-up Counter” at the Landmark Atrium and the debut of SS2017 collections with a cocktail party
 held at recently.

10 unique personalized Photocall Bags by the renowned stylish celebrities and influencers were on exhibit while invited guests indulged in the Parisian laisser-faire lifestyle cocktail party to enjoy the latest Roger Vivier SS2017 collections.

The “Roger Vivier Pop-up Counter” also unveil the SS2017 collections with Photocall Bag, Sneaky Viv’, and Slidy Viv’. Themed with the allure of a Parisian romance, the Pop-up Counter features Roger Vivier chic styling in classic pink and the signature buckle blended with the symbolic Eiffel Tower; an exquisite coffee truck is set in the Pop-up for after shopping enjoyment.

You will discover the worldwide exclusive Roger Vivier customization counter with limited denim tote bags for mix and match with playful branded pins and badges. Roger Vivier Pop-up Counter offers you a laisser-faire Parisian lifestyle in the fast-paced Hong Kong.

The “Roger Vivier Photocall Bag Exhibition” is open for public during the period of “Pop-up Counter” at the Landmark.

Hilary Tsui is known to everyone for her passion in fashion and marathon; however, her placidity and artistic talent is little known to all. She is fond of flowers, and during leisure, Hilary has been learning flower arrangement at home, “I’m not good at painting and craft, so I follow my interest in flower arrangement to personalize my own Photocall Bag. I mixed varieties of flowers to load with texture and create the beguiling arrangements to highlight the vitality of spring in Paris.”

Timeless charismatic icon, Cherie Chung, talked about her personalized Photocall Bag, “All the things that I love and concern can be found in my personalized design. I decorated Roger Vivier signature buckle with turquoise, hoping to arouse everyone to cherish our mother nature. The decorative kitty doll, rosary, and pearl accessories are part of my favorites too. The kitty doll was inspired by my cat FatBoy. I would love to carry him around in my Photocall Bag wherever I go.” The award-winning actress, Carina Lau, has been a keen supporter of Roger Vivier and was pleasantly surprised to take part in the exhibition, “Instead of asking me to choose a handbag this year, Roger Vivier invited me to personalize one for the exhibition! My mind started to jump everywhere and didn’t know where to begin. Then, the obvious was to simply put “myself” in the design. I “work hard, play hard”; life is full of surprises and who doesn’t like a bit of fun now and then! That’s precisely being represented in my design. And my name is on the Photocall bag, can you spot it?”

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