Cinco de Mayo : A Tex-Mex Inspired Restaurat @ The InterContinental Amman Jordan

We hate to walk into a restaurant when your booking is not found when you had made the reservation days or even weeks before hand to ensure you have a table. And the worst thing is when the hostess does not even have any intention to check further but simply walk you in and find any unoccupied table to sit you down as though your reservation made earlier on was not relevant to them. That was our first impression when we dined in Cinco de Mayo in Amman, Jordan at the InterContiental hotel. mylifestylenews writes.

The damage was done but at least the bright and cheerful décor of the Tex-Mex Cinco de Mayo restaurant lightened up the mood while entering by passing through the long bar. The large wall mirrors on the right of the restaurant creates a perspective vision contrasting the long communal tables setting with a deceptive inception by bringing up the depth and length of the entire space.

The main dining area also catches lots of natural sunlight from the courtyard, which illuminates the blue and white prints wall echoing the parallel hanging lamps that creates a more contemporary, yet cozy surrounding feeling.

Dining in a Tex-Mex restaurant in Amman, Jordan may seem a little unusual as Jordan is primarily a Muslim country and travelers may well be going for the Arabic slash Turkish and Lebanese influence eat out. But Cinco de Mayo has its reason and is eager to keep things as authentic as possible through its culinary concept by its new award winning Chef Raul Ramirez and his team to win trust from the local and business travelers alike, with a spicy kick from its gastronomy rooted in Mexican flavors and traditions, while also celebrating local and seasonal ingredients from the Jordanian Valley and surrounding region. In case you wonder why.

For a Mexican experience, with a blend of selected dishes that are zesty, spicy, crunchy and made for sharing, we started with some frozen Margherita alongside with some crispy Nachos  while further browsing the menu to make up our mind for the rest of the order to kick back the evening.

 <Quesadillas De Pollo>
Tapas are of great culinary importance in Latin countries, with the truth being that this type of eating has become a form of national identification and cultural importance for all. Specialty fried quesadillas with chicken and cured cheddar cheese in red charred sauce with sour cream was chosen from the Tapas Bar selection and there is no need other than to eat, drink and enjoy.

<Camaron Jumbo>
Marinated grilled Jumbo prawns served with tumbada rice and topped with chili cream sauce. Cinco de Mayo’s version of Camaron Jumbo came without the wrap of smoked hickory bacon but grilled to perfection. We expected the chili cream sauce to give a kick but only to a moderate heat that suits all taste.

<Cordero En Adobo>
This is a complex flavor of marinated lamb cooked with Adobo sauce (a mixture of honey, wine vinegar, pinch of saffron threads to add color, olive oil as well as salt and pepper to taste) served with mashed potato, beans and grilled zucchini slices to balance the intensity of the palate that make this Mexican inspired dish more enticing.

There is nothing new about meat being cooked on your table with a high temperature grill stone. It is a gimmick more than anything else but if a good 220 gram piece of thinly sliced Prime beef tenderloin is offered, it is best to do it this way to avoid being over done from the kitchen.

Timing is everything and all you need is to taste the beef in its original flavor with a light seasoning. You can let go the Mexican set menu condiments which comes together with the order.

A well presented Babacoa

<Churros Con Chocolate>
You can’t leave a Tex-Mex restaurant without finishing your meal with Chocolate Churros. Some make it short but in Cinco de Mayo is a thin and long coated with a good amount of cinnamon shower and red fruit marmalade. If the chocolate was a little thicker and stronger with cocoa flavor, it would complete this traditional serve for a much more sweet and happy ending.

Cinco de Mayo’s culinary concept has been crafted to mirror its cooking, letting the high quality ingredients shine and explore the wonders. With a much more up lifting service from its service team, it will reflect the best of the entire experience in a much more exciting form.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 3.5/5

Frozen Margarita

Islamic College Street
Amman, Jordan
Tel: +962 6 464 1361

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