COACH Presents "COURAGE TO BE REAL" Campaign

COACH Presents "COURAGE TO BE REAL" Campaign  u
nder the concept of "Expressive Luxury" -  a campaign inspired by Coach’s message grounded in inspiring people to embrace all the many sides of who they are and find confidence along the way.

The films and images encourage audiences to courageously follow their own path and 
explore all the possibilities of life. Directed by Henry Scholfield and photographed by Wei Huan, campaign brings to life many of the questions young people face today at the crossroads of life. The brand hopes to drive viewers to contemplate about the following: To choose between partners that reflect different paths in life.

To choose a simple, clean haircut or a more expressive one. To choose a 
business career or a creative career. To have a cute child at home or a cute, spoilt pet at home. The campaign emphasizes that there is no right or wrong way to choose in life, there is only listening to the voice of the heart, going forward, breaking through the expectations, and exploring the full possibilities of oneself.

Since its establishment in 1941, Coach has been on the road of brand rejuvenation in recent years, focusing on millennials and Generation Z consumers, and proposing the new positioning of "Expressive Luxury,” where Coach becomes a platform for the self-expression of its community. The brand has been actively conveying the value of "Courage to be Real" to Chinese consumers, guided by Expressive Luxury’s mission to connect with consumers on an emotional level, through purpose-driven storytelling.

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