MONCLER SUMMER 2023 Advertising Campaign

Moncler launches a global summer 2023 campaign celebrating a timeless year-round wardrobe, with the brand’s unique DNA and iconic products reimagined for warmer days. Moncler Collection Summer 2023 promises to protect and perform in the elements, 365 days a year. Sharing warmth is at the heart of the brand, a cornerstone that rolls effortlessly into summer.

The new campaign, shot by Thierry Le Goués, captures the dynamic essence of the new season, taking the mood in an unexpected aesthetic direction. This is not the average evocation of an easy breezy summer, but a refined and dramatic statement of intent: Moncler performs come rain or shine, summer months included.

The visual concept offers a dramatic antidote to technicolor summer styling, showcasing stylized shots in predominantly monochrome chiaroscuro. Subtle interplay between silken and matt textures and stark angles brings new dimensions to details on lightweight puffers and transitional layers from Moncler Collection Summer 2023.

Moncler’s summer campaign presents timeless lightweight jackets, tactile knitwear and warm-weather must-haves from Moncler Collection Summer 2023 Moncler’s timeless mountain DNA is primed for a season of summer warmth.

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