GUCCI Unveils First Salon Melrose In Los Angeles

Gucci first Salon was unveiled in Los Angeles - a locale of debuts and premieres, an arena that celebrates luxury and glamour recently. A public space that is somehow private, a marriage of the language of the personal and the spectacular, of the fantasy at the heart of Hollywood, and the craft that forms the soul of Gucci.

Encapsulating the individuality essential to true luxury, each global Gucci Salon destination is a true one-off, devised as a transformative, creative space with an atmosphere tailored to each locale. Disrupting the conventional language and experience of a boutique, each Gucci Salon proposes a personal universe, offering intimacy and discretion, for clientele invited by appointment. It is a space for creative conversation, for exploration and indulgence.

For this inaugural Gucci Salon, the décor and character of its location leads the creative approach: the salon echoes Hollywood’s heritage and resonance across the world, alongside echoes of the décor and philosophies of the first Los Angeles Gucci boutique, opened in 1968 on Rodeo Drive.

Today, at the crest of Los Angeles’ Melrose Place an intimate environment has been fashioned, with award-winning set and production designer Gideon Ponte, a long-term Gucci collaborator. In this pace, first-of-its-kind, the language of a private home is fused with the splendour of a movie set, luxurious fabrics and luminous finishes in refined ivory tones proposing a backdrop for offerings of Gucci’s most exceptional pieces from Valigeria, precious leathers, High Jewelry and Watchmaking, accessories, high-end custom collections - including eveningwear, tailoring, gowns - and Décor.

Alongside, theatrical flourishes underscore the unique history of this location, referencing multiple eras and incarnations of Hollywood - crystal chandeliers, mirrored columns and window niches, draped curtains like proscenium, and jewel-coloured detailing in fabrics and lacquer finishes echo those precious objects contained within. Each fitting room recalls the scenography of movie sets, and the dressing rooms of iconic stars - private realms.

In anticipation of the needs of Gucci’s clientele, the space offers endless opportunities for reinvention. Dynamic and reactive, no fittings are anchored - free-standing cabinetry and specially-curated furniture permit the space to be redefined, truly tailored to every personality. This is a gateway to the creative exchange at the heart of every Gucci Salon, a place for ideas to be explored, for dreams to become realities.

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