FRESH Presents A Limited-Edition Skincare Duo To Celebrate The Year of The Rabbit

FRESH presents a limited-edition skincare duo and artfully designed in special Chinese New Year edition packaging to celebrate The Year of The Rabbit with a fresh start with firm and luminous skin by giving them these anti-aging skincare gems.

This limited-edition duo features two of fresh’s skincare best sellers: Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence and Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask. Powered by potent ingredients like kombucha to provide antioxidant protection, black tea complex to improve elasticity, mandarin peel extract to help promote an even complexion, and belle de nuit to soothe and rebalance skin, these beloved beauty icons come together to leave skin looking lifted, luminous, and firm. Indeed, A bright future deserves bright skin!

To celebrate this festive season, fresh collaborated with
paper-cutting artist Qiu Jia to bring this symbolic traditional folk art which originated in 6th century China into the packaging design to signify prosperity and a bright future. Paper cutting is one of the oldest handicrafts in China, and it is typically done using scissors or engraved knives on red paper, as this color is considered fortuitous. Integral to everyday life, paper cutting plays a crucial role in celebrations and festivals, and it is often seen adorning doors, walls, and windows as a way to wish others good luck. Throughout the limited-edition collection, Qiu’s cutouts highlight fresh’s skin-activating ingredients with an artistic nod to the Year of the Rabbit.

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