ENTIER French Dining - Blissful French Basque Country Casual Fine Dining

On the level 41 of Alila Bangsar Kuala Lumpur, Entier French Dining has become one of the sparkling gems and a drawcard for the local gourmands. This recent most talk-of-the-town casual French dining not only offers you an intimate sky dining experience, but also a blissful Pays Basque Tapas – a special feature for travel-hungry to French Basque Country with Spanish flair. mylifestylenews writes.

Alila Bangsar Kuala Lumpur has created an urban retreat for locals and travellers alike to enjoy a staycation in one of KL’s thriving neighbourhood areas, but not just being satisfied with that, Entier French Dining has won over many recommendations by word of mouth complimented by frequented diners who enjoy a cool haven get-together with great food and laughter with their very own company.

Adjacent to the hotel main lobby with views looking out to the quieter side of the Kuala Lumpur metropolis, it is a cleverly positioned and designed space. Internal glass walls styled with catchy wordings set along the long hallway leads you to the entrance of this casual modern bistro with a heavy polished metal door that opens wide to welcome diners to step into this friendly and cozy hideaway.

The high-ceilinged light filled room that has windows down the length of the restaurant on both sides and internally kept open and well-spaced out with the city skyline easily seen that becomes the luxury. Hence, the restaurant sits 100 diners without being claustrophobic. The interior fit-out and tabletops are more akin to a French bistro, but very warm with wood and leather accents and eye-catching elements that make the first impression a positively expressive one that creates a sense of anticipation!

Small tables down the city window side are secluded in their own cubical-like setting, in a more designed and slick way, all of which are accessed by a wooden floored corridor which eventually leads to the kitchen. Then, the main body of the restaurant is a mix of small and large table clusters as well as bar stool high chairs and table top for an alternative sitting arrangement. There are accents of glass hanging lamps, inlaid ceiling light features and free-hanging sconce candle stands to create a soft lighting palette that is reflected off all the wooden accents.

Further to the back is separated by an overly spread glass wall artfully laminated with images indicating the various cut and parts of a chook and a plant. This private dining, more like a boardroom setting style sitting arrangement is also the mini cellar that is housing quite a few of very unique and exclusive wines and champagnes. Elegantly subtle yet modern and warm design and décor with such contemporary chic touches illuminates the Entier (entire) surrounds.

The restaurant was full even though it was on a school night. Once we were seated by the window, we were immediately introduced to Daniel, our server for the evening followed by Jerrard, the Restaurant Manager who came to the table and introduced himself to give a brief run down for the overall and most anticipated culinary experience. Excitement awaits! There are a number of options to consider for the menu, from the standard a la carte up to the Chef’s Tasting Menu of seven courses and a very extensive wine menu to consider or pair. The menu invites you on a gourmet stroll along the unique gastronomique French Basque Country heavily influenced by the French as well as the Spanish traditions.

Entier is helmed by Executive Chef Masashi Horiuchi from Fukuoka who has a rare blend of passion and precision of his culinary heritage who strives to deliver with genuine simplicity from his masterly and obsessively trained French gastronomy skill. While good food makes people happy and with such simple philosophy in mind, after residing in Malaysia over four years now, Chef Masashi maxes out the approaches of his skilful craft with renewed perspective by delivering simple pleasure and happiness to his diners.

While degustation is one of the best ways to highlight the real heroes, the beautiful suppliers and farmers that continues to change and evolve, they will always be there as well as for chefs of high calibre that can express themselves and deliver an experience. With the combination of classic French and Japanese precision in Entier French Dining creations, the menu is created to share and categorize them by their main ingredient. While the spirit is fully encapsulated in the Basque word Txikiteo by its meaning of enjoying food and wines with friends over small plates of serving, it has so many highlights that we felt the only way we were going to get a sense to explore this French Spanish omakase was by settling on the seven-course menu and wine pairing.

The evening began with a glass of the exclusive 2012 La Entier Champagne Cuvee Prestige Brut Millesime to accompany the light bites amuse bouche and then we began the main event. While you eagerly await your chosen first dish to alight at your table, you are provided with the house corn bread served warm with lightly salted Kombu butter. While each dish may not be large, your appetite will be sated well and truly by the end of the evening. First up is a quartet of small explosions of flavour from the amuse bouche selection.

The shell of this beignet or deep-fried pastry croquette was thin and perfectly crunchy stuffed with horseradish cream creating a complex counterbalance to the pastry and refined taste of the caviar surprisingly came from a small Tanjung Malim town.

This petit duck rillettes vol-au-vent with foie gras & beetroot pickles is one of the most amazing culinary magic tricks of all time. Entier’s version is a classic refined mini-pastry full of concentrated flavours that are harmonious, plus a topping of beetroot jelly which gave a stunning glazing and piquancy to offset the richness of the dry-brined and braised duck in aromatic stock. Superb!

Beautifully presented and garnished with jelly and elderflowers that looks more like a dessert than a savory. The Spanish mussel tarte with eschalots confit was rich and crunchy with an unexpected execution on the palate. Such delicacy and subtlety. A sensational morsel!

Ready for some popcorn?! This highland white sweet corn & custard cornetto with Matcha – Seemingly simple yet a surprise on the tongue with a little crunch and complexity of flavours, then came a hint of sweetness filled the custard cornetto corn. The savoury component still evident. A winner!

What an interesting and delicious mix these proved to be and they set the taste off with the subtle and piquant flavours. The presentation overall was delightful, while also making a statement on the table when delivered, which quite clearly meant that every element had been thought through and we were enraptured at this point and left us thinking how much better can the night get!

Japanese Gobo Ice-Cream with Caviar – Gobo is a root vegetable which is made into an ice-cream topped with caviar. Gobo is best described as akin to a radish, but the taste is all about the element of surprise in this culinary combination and we were hooked! Ice-cream over caviar may seem weird but this one works!

<Asparagus & Sweetbreads>
Cameron Highlands green asparagus is used to pair with roasted sweetbreads, served with morel mushrooms, Cecina (Spanish dried beef) and confit egg yolk with a touch of white truffle. How decadent does this sound with such a spectacular composition? The asparagus was so fresh, crunchy and quite simply picture perfect, but the way Chef Masashi builds up the complexity with the Cecina, morel mushroom and truffle layers this dish is so moreish that you don’t want it to end! This delicious creation was accompanied by a glass of 2017 Domaine des Poncetys Saint-Veran Les Creches. This a fragrant chardonnay with peach and pear notes that perfectly complimented the vegetable dish with an underlying creamy finish.

<Celeriac & Abalone>
The menu notes that this dish has been inspired by the French culinary legend Paul Bocuse’s La Soup aux Truffes Elysee in 1975. In essence it is a black abalone soup made with the Sparassis mushroom (cauliflower fungus) with touches of foie gras and shavings of truffle, topped with deep brown puff pastry with a sheen that was so crispy and on cracking the pastry dome it falls into the soup stock which makes it even more delicious. A classic French savoury course perfectly executed and well paired with a glass of 2020 Cotes Du Rhone Cellier des Dauphins Reserve. The bright coral pink fresh and juicy red lifted with herbal scents and attractive chalky undertones well balanced with a full-on palate.  Tres delicieux!

<Cauliflower with Black Truffle, Morel Mushroom, Mornay Sauce & Parmesan Cheese>
An unexpected choice, but very enjoyable. The “shashimi” cauliflower was a little too raw but the mornay sauce, almost a bechamel combination with parmesan cheese, fresh almond, thyme oil and egg mimosa brightened up the entire dish and delighted the palate.

<White Sweet Corn topped with Parmesan Cheese & Shaved Truffle & Seaweed Gobo Butter>
Chef Masashi artfully presented this corn on a corn dish with great homage to the freshest ingredient used. Not only the corn kernels were shaved from the entire corn and sits back on the entire husk and topped with popcorn and other condiments to add great flavours. The arty presentation also having the other half of the husk leaf dusted with matcha green tea to add a dramatic touch and bringing the corn back to life. What a stunning dish not only to admire visually but a nice hiatus by taking the palate in another direction temporarily. Simply delish!

The Josper-grilled Australian loin was first presented to the table for a while before it was taken back to the kitchen to put it back on the serving plate in proper serving portion and then brought back to the table with other condiments like garlic confit, mushroom and de-glaced lamb jus. To further complement such superb meat, you have a mix of morel, porcini and girolles mushrooms served with leek, mashed potato, plus crispy artichoke for texture and a hint of dashi. You could not ask for a more superb tasting lamb than this as the quality of the meat and the skill to ensure it is so tender is faultless.

This is a truly memorable dish to savour and obviously to share and was perfectly paired with a glass of Chateau La Vignolle, Bordeaux Superieur, 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Blend. Let the bold dark red earthy and fruity plum palate and soft tannins tantalize the succulent lamb with each morsel to be enjoyed blissfully. Another successful pairing that added a further dimension to the palate and is so enjoyable with quality meat.

Cameron Highland Organic Carrot was used to go with vanilla chiboust and Carrot Sorbet with quite an inviting presentation of its color and garnish.

Such an incredible and inventive take on, the carrot cake was a delight to enjoy with so many different tangents in one mouth full. The chiboust is an orange terrine coupled with a vanilla mousse and every morsel was unforgettable!

Petit Fours beckoned and we were yet again surprised with a chocolate and coffee biscuit shell filled with chocolate pearls. It was heavily bent on the coffee side in flavour, so if you are not a coffee lover, a little disconnect, but otherwise the perfect accompaniment with a cup of hot beverage after dinner.

We had come to the end of an amazing culinary journey that can only be described as superb with the food having that enduring love, passion and meticulous skills to get things right. It is self-evident that the culinary team choose to shine and focus on every aspect – presentation, produce, combinations & surprising the palate. We had quite a few revelations this evening on a number of fronts and none of this is viable if the service team can’t play their part and they played all the aces and gave us the perfectly judged experience, with a depth of culinary knowledge – and believe us, we tested them on so many fronts, as some of the ingredients were new to us, a humbleness to not overdo things and an evident delight in just the act of making your evening enjoyable.

Staffing seems to be quite full on attentively juggling over their respective designated areas. Additionally, we met Isya, a female trainee on work experience in her first week on the training ground who had the right approach from her hospitality rendered. It is such a delight to see young people being given an opportunity in such an atmosphere, but being carefully mentored by seasoned team members.

We were suitably impressed and felt that it was a seamless service that had no blips throughout the evening. It has a right to be compared with other restaurants in other capital cities and the pricing is not excessive by any means for such an elevated dining experience. The buzz, excitement and feeling of gratitude this hospitality has with the experience of bringing its diners a memorable and contented dining experience to share.

Eat the land and taste the sea, Entier- an old French word meaning “whole” or “entire”, is the inspiration behind the nose-to-tail philosophy. Committed to people, plate and planet, they are determined to preserve the integrity of ingredients through utilizing beyond the best cuts. Chef Masashi’s expression on the plate is telling of his pedigree, while revealing his appreciation and curiosity for local produce and that’s the experience we had and it sets a standard to be admired that you simply should not miss! Entier French Dining sets its’ sights high and strives to deliver what they think best and with a willingness to please. Fortunate diners or wine and dine aficionados shall consider themselves lucky to book themselves in and be able to experience such an “entire” and “wholesome” meal being served.

Tried & Tested:

Location: 4/5

Design & Decor: 4.5/5

Food & Beverage: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Value For Money: 4/5

Experience: 4.5/5


Entier French Dining

Level 41 at Alila Bangsar,

58, Jalan Ang Seng, Brickfields,

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +6 03 2268 3819

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless 


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