Loro Piana AW2022/23 Advertising Campaign

Loro Piana AW2022/23 Advertising Campaign features the powerful portraits by Mario Sorrenti. Set in Bretagne and starring Mona Tougaard, Edie Campbell and Leon Dame, the shots portray images and emotions of a journey that will forever endure in the heart of the explorer and of the viewer. That is because the cold wind of northern France whips the thoughts, reveals the tactile marvels of the maison's craftsmanship and creates a unique bond between the clothes and the surroundings.

Crafted from the best that nature has to offer - wool, cashmere, alpaca, shearling - the garments themselves seem to emerge from the landscape with grace and power, inviting one to look at the world with respect, curiosity and a spirit of adventure, without compromising on a wardrobe that is essential and versatile but equally sensorial and tailored, with whispered elegance.

Loro Piana proposes iconic clothes and accessories in a modern key, through attitude and volumes, and explores new frontiers of style with innovative fabrics and sensorial and dynamic silhouettes, in perfect balance of masculine and feminine, refinement and functionality, superlative quality and absolute comfort.

This is the dichotomy with which Sorrenti observes the two souls of Bretagne, the Armorica and the Argot, the ocean and the land, the sea and the forests, the blizzards and the tranquillity. On one side the shadow on the other the light, on one side the majestic sky on the other the endless horizon, inhabited by waves that come and go to leave an indelible mark on the coast.

In this spontaneous and continuous dialogue between these two universes, Loro Piana's explorers enter on tiptoes. The images capture their most intimate and reflective moments, and those more free, in total reconciliation with nature. Similarly, the clothes marry the spirit, volumes and colours of the place - the green of the seaweed and valleys, the blue of the ocean, the white and beige of the cliffs - enveloping the body with delicacy, strength and refinement. Personality prevails over appearance, with that sense of lightness that belongs to the maison.

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