Tiffany & Co. 2021 Christmas Pick

Tiffany & Co. celebrates this festive season with holiday gifting from the iconic Tiffany T1 Collection and the bold Tiffany Hardwear Collection, to the sophisticated Tiffany Victoria® Vine Collection, let The Tiffany Blue Box surprise your and be the highlight of the season.

The Merry and High Tiffany T1 Power
With the core qualities of strength, power and independence, and marked by the sleek T motif, a signature House code, each Tiffany T1 jewelry is individually cast and hand-polished by Tiffany’s master craftsman. Wrapped around the wearer in a continuous, unbroken circle, the rose gold or gold Tiffany T1 hinged bangle features scintillating diamonds, or without, and an iconic "T" motif at the center. This statement piece is a reinvention of a Tiffany icon, that represents individual strength and perpetual power, worn outwardly to express what lies within. For the bangles dazzling with diamonds, Tiffany artisans painstakingly set each pavé diamond by hand in a complex honeycomb pattern for incredible radiance, texture and dimension that makes the piece extra special. Match your holiday looks with the Tiffany T1 ring, earrings and pendant in 18k rose gold and gold for a bold look for a unique style.

The Happy Holidays Sparkle with Tiffany Victoria Vine
With an intensity that rivals the night sky, the Tiffany Victoria Vine collection celebrates the blazing brilliance of Tiffany diamonds. Flower and vine motifs shine in platinum and 18k rose gold pendant, with expertly cut marquise, pear-shaped and round brilliant diamond accents, while the organic vine motif of earrings, bangle and ring complements the beauty of mixed-cut diamonds to perfect your holiday outfit.

With the Tiffany Victoria Vine collection, you will definitely have a happy sparkling season for those who know that too many Tiffany diamonds are never enough.

The Jolly and Shining HardWear Link
Inspired by the industrial and rebellion spirit of New York City, the Tiffany HardWear collection’s bold, graduated chain of gauge links captures the urban edge of the city and luxury chic, making a stunning statement.

The selected rose gold Tiffany HardWear necklace, pendant, bracelet and earrings in rose gold are a modern interpretation of an archival design from 1971 that is elegantly subversive and captures the spirit of chic women and men. The holiday is the perfect time to come together as a family, celebrate love and friendship, and there's nothing jollier than adding boldness and sparkle to this special holiday.

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