Brioni SS2021 Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

Brioni SS2021 Collection presents the Roman attire: a playful approach to luxury - about men at ease with themselves and the way they use clothing to represent who they are into the wider scene of social life. Their wardrobe is expansive and considered and obeys to a softening of the codes. There is a formality to it that is essentially a precision of line and craft. There is an informality to it that is the approach in the way it is used.

The collection covers every moment of a man’s day, from formalwear to leisurewear, to dinner and celebration. The idea of Roman nonchalance, that is integral to the ethos of the House, is heralded through pieces that move smoothly and lightly over the body. The preciousness of the materials and the refinement of the details are manifest, but not obvious. They suggest a dignified and daring masculine idea of luxury as rather personal indulgence.

Signature elegance of traditional Brioni tailoring partners with functionality, to deliver impeccable silhouettes day to evening. The classic tailored suit is given an urban overhaul with refreshed fabrics, including a lightweight 210s wool, soft cashmere, linen and silk, available in a contemporary seasonal colour palette from soft beiges, to subtle blues, greys, and greens.

Blazers are crafted from fine wool and wool combined with silk, linen, cashmere, and rare Escorial wool, with a characterful Hopsack construction reinforcing the individuality of each garment.

All seasonal knitwear is fine enough to be worn with a suit in a range of options to match the particular sartorial requirements of city attire.

Leisurewear is crafted from super light Leggera fabric and silk, to create garments that can be paired with daywear for a refined approach to relaxed dressing. Technical sportswear includes a timeless selection of shirts, blouson jackets, safari jackets and a classic trench coat.

Deconstructed silhouettes in exquisitely light fabrics reinforce the relaxed elegance of classic Brioni style. Day to night outerwear is crafted with warmer weather in mind, for adaptable layered looks that complement the versatility of an urban environment.

For the evening, the concept of a relaxed opulence brings the decadence of Rome to mind, with bold colour offering including luxurious silk shantung dinner jackets in genteel pink, orange and white.

To finish the look, the formal classic, almond and asymmetric shoes are a mainstay, whilst introducing a softer almond shape in deerskin and goat skin, as well as a new suede, the perfect accompaniment to classical tailoring, or to dress up a more relaxed outfit.

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