Caudalie Introduces Limited Edition Organic Grape Water

Caudalie Grape Water is more than a moisturizing mist! This Non-Drying hydration mist reactivates internal defenses with powerful antioxidant shield to restore self-hydration power and save your skin from dreaded summer air-conditioning! This gentle and non-drying ultra-moisturizing mist, derived from pure 100% Organic Grape Water® in France, reactivates internal defenses with the most powerful antioxidant protection to restore self-hydration power. With just one spritz, skin is moisturized, soothed, refreshed and saved from the dreaded summer air-conditioning! It is instantly absorbed by the skin without drying it out, so there is no need to blot after spritzing.

Enriched with Grape-seed Polyphenols, Grape Sugars, Mineral and Trace elements, including Potassium, Manganese, Magnesium, Calcium and Copper. This summer saviour instantly boosts hydration by 127%1, relieves skin sensitivity by 61%2 and eliminates free radicals by 56%3 in 30 minutes. Thirsty and irritated skin with tightness, redness and allergies is comforted and energized by restoring its own internal water source, while protecting skin immediately with powerful anti-oxidant shield against oxidative damage. Skin barrier is strengthened, helping it resist against potential irritation and aggressors and truly prevent moisture loss. The botanical formula does not contain synthetic fragrance, parabens and alcohol, perfect for the most sensitive and dry skin, pregnant women, breast feeding women and babies for instant summer recharge.

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