Emporio Armani SS2020 Visions & Dreams Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

Emporio Armani SS2020 Visions & Dreams Collection brought dreams into everyday life, painting the urban reality with new colours, suggesting new attitudes and emotions, and an unexpected lightness of spirit.

Unconventional by definition, and always open to individual interpretation, Emporio Armani defines a repertoire of possibilities through which each and every one can tell their story in complete freedom.

The collection vibrates; it is energetic.

Warm, dense tones, brightened by glossy and shiny surfaces like mirrors, pervade the whole collection, underlining its extreme lightness: bronze, intense tobacco, beige, brown mixed with green, green turning to blue, intense and muted blue, black and dark grey.

The silhouette is spontaneous and dynamic: unstructured single or double-breasted jackets are paired with wide palazzo or parachute pants, with organza surfaces that accentuate the absolute weightlessness.

Linen and jute fabrics, silks and cold-dyed viscose add a delicate, ethereal touch.

Shapes are created through a dialogue between the world of sport and the more formal one.

Sportswear is interpreted in classic patterns; shirts have drawstrings running at the hem, like sweatshirts; the washed suede track suits are soft, and feel almost fluid against the skin.
The story is dreamy and visionary, yet tangible. It is punctuated by accessories: multi-material sneakers with solid soles, large half-moon bags, spacious backpacks and small pouches, braces with functional snap-hooks.

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