Hermès 2024 Home Collection

Hermès’ 2024 home collections invites you to step out of time while keeping your feet on the ground and to create a dialogue between roots and movement, between materials and know-how.

During the recent Milan Design Week 2024, Hermès presented its new collections in tandem with pieces from its heritage. This pairing plays on temporal ambiguity, demonstrating that Hermès objects are unaffected by time and passing trends.

Following a route on the theme of the ground, evoking our relationship with the world around us, the eye is drawn to a composition of raw materials – brick, stone, slate, wood and compacted earth depicting a jockey’s silk jersey.  A powerful symbol of the house’s cultural heritage, the jockey silk with colourful geometric motifs is an inspiration for leather goods and textiles. Buckets, baskets and table centre pieces in leather are given form by highly skilled saddler-leatherworkers.

Virtuoso craftsmanship is also apparent on blankets in subtle, graduated shades and on large cashmere bedspreads in new sizes, enhanced with graphic lines which are woven, dyed, tailored or quilted and embroidered.

The shape of the new Diapason d’Hermès lounge chair in leather and hammered aluminium is radical and elegant. Ethereal lamps inspired by the codes of equestrian vaulting and the delicate strokes of the Tressages équestres dinner service are the embodiment of lightness and refinement. All of which confirms Hermès’ original spirit of combining excellence with craftsmanship.

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