Bottega Veneta Presents The First Sunrise with You 2024 Lunar New Year Campaign

Bottega Veneta celebrates the Year of The Dragon by launching its Lunar New Year campaign themed The First Sunrise with You celebrates the first sunrise of the year. Starring actress Shu Qi and directed by Jess Jing Zou, the campaign shows different characters welcoming the dawn in a variety of panoramic settings.

With photography by Ken Ngan and a bespoke track from Sega Bodega, 
The First Sunrise with You carries forward similar themes of travel and togetherness, while centering on the singular moment of the new year’s dawn.

Shu Qi, who joined Bottega Veneta as Brand Ambassador last October, opens the film, stepping out onto a balcony to admire the sunrise over the Shanghai skyline.

A sequence of different groups and diverse settings follow, showing friends, family members, and romantic partners coming together to admire the dawn and anticipate the year ahead.

A group of friends gathering on a beach, another riding scooters along a mountain road. A couple admires the sunrise reflecting off snow-covered mountains, while a mother-daughter duo – model Chen Estelle and her own mother – walk along the riverside by Museum of Art Pudong in Shanghai.

With its scenes of reunion and range of landscapes and cityscapes, The First Sunrise with You foregrounds not only the transition from one year to the next and the emotion of new beginnings but also the journeys we make to spend precious moments with places and people we hold dear.

As characters stroll the waterfront, walk along the shoreline, scooter beneath windmills, climb down rocks to the beach, and drive along mountain roads, the film captures Bottega Veneta in motion, with a spotlight on exclusive designs for the Chinese New Year capsule collection.

The collection is themed around the Year of the Dragon, with highlights including Andiamo, Sardine, Orbit sneakers, and a bespoke Jodie with dragon-tail handle.

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