Dining in Sydney is full of surprises at the moment, with so many elevated dining concepts being launched and long standing ones holding their own. With great expectation and anticipation by dining in a heritage building that defines what dining space is created, Brasserie 1930 has it in spades…..mylifestylenews writes.

If you are seeking a glamorous evening out, arrive with a sense of awe and get ready to excite your palate by dining at Brasserie 1930 is a definite must. This modernist take on the classic French brasserie lesser known art deco has some of the most coveted tables to marvel right in the heart of Sydney’s CBD sandstone precinct.

Situated in the iconic Capella Hotel at Farrer Place, Sydney, Brasserie 1930 determines to deliver an elevated dining experience since its opening in March 2023 and it has hit its stride as an anchor for the already booming area in Sydney. The alluring Brasserie 1930 is in consultation with the Bentley Group - one of Sydney’s most influential hospitality groups which already have an outstanding reputation for creating dining concepts in Sydney and beyond. Nick Hildebrandt & Chef Brent Savage - co-owner strike to deliver a nouveau dining experience for more than just a well-pleasing expectation.

Expect to indulge and be surrounded in the European feel and touches of elements in another level of luxury. While the building itself is heritage listed, the atmospheric and artistic Brasserie 1930 is a cut above. The entrance opens up to a world of chic, with marble-clad ode to the grand dining rooms of yesteryear, housed within the golden sandstone of the former Department of Education building on Bridge Street, Sydney.

The ambience is a stunning blend of old-world elegance and a sophisticated new world charm. The overall look is grand and sleek, with subtle, often abstracted, references to the surrounding city: table bases are of hefty white marble, the floors inlaid with mosaic-like patterns in darker earth tone shades. The soaring high ceilings and heritage detail of the room set an alluring new base in a neighbourhood that is never short of charm.

From the restaurant art on the walls to the large plush leather banquettes and booths and the lavish use of Italian marble, the ambience disseminates and flourishes with a nouvelle art deco sleek contemporary geometric styled forms that bursts with appropriate colours to please.

Street facing windows let in natural light to warm, peach-coloured walls and illuminated by hanging glass pendant lamps. The loft-like space breathes art creativity and fun that celebrates the main dining area’s individuality…in style and sophistication paying homage to the old world style.

There are many details in the interior to admire as the space exudes grandeur and sophistication which is due in no small part to the bones of the original building, which lends itself to grand designs, but somehow they have managed to pare down the grandeur a little so the space is warm and inviting, but creating architectural and interior touch points, the signature wall and ceiling lighting, the sensibly divided spaces to create a little more intimacy in a such a high-ceilinged room.

Comfort and style with great design dominates the interior of Brasserie 1930 and that is exactly what the brand offers. In the mesh of traditional and current aesthetic nouveau art deco style collaboration to give a fresh new look. Simply ecletic!

Savour the unrivalled French Bistronomique dinning at Brasserie 1930, experience a symphonic exploration of culinary pleasure. Keep the steak frites but ditch the escargots and souffle, the culinary team is here to delight you with a point of difference and push the boundaries from its usual classics with a touch of fine-dining experience.

By celebrating the beauty of noble, natural and refined ingredients used, this empowers you with the freedom to re-imagine the creative vision with an Australian twist as a majority of the ingredients and produce used is Australian made and strategically being highlighted. It was a discovery and a homecoming at once. You have to work hard to create something different in the Sydney culinary scene and this is serious re-fined dining. Brasserie 1930 celebrates its heritage with an exquisitely crafted, inventive and utterly delicious French bistronomique menu for you to experience a symphonic exploration of culinary pleasure expertly paired with boutique and rare fine wines from its superb wine vault.

<Crab Tart Amuse Bouche>
Delicately and artistically presented! The tart is made into a flower blossomed shape and filled up with flavoursome crab meat, it was placed neatly in the centre on a white stoneware. The tarts are covered completely with a bed of finely cut green chives and meticulously topped with vivid colour of round and firm caviar. It is light yet sensational and explodes on the palate. What’s not to like about this little morsel to pique the taste buds? A winner! 
The in-house made sourdough with cultured butter is another great bite that is so high end in taste and utterly to die for. If you are not careful you will keep ordering more……Who knew bread could taste this good!

<David Blackmore Beef Tartare, Mustard, Caper, Eschalot, Rye Crisp>
Beef Tartare can be done in a myriad of ways, but Brasserie 1930’s version and etiquette portion takes the prize as the most fabulous combination of ingredients and tastes so flavoursome. Somehow the kitchen has blended and married ingredients to a heightened level that left us wanting more. It was in a way intense with quintessential beef relish and tanginess with the premium beef supplied from Rangers Valley in Northern NSW.

<Glazed Quail, Whipped Feta with Green Olive Salsa>
A generous portion of a whole quail halved and grilled to a perfection of tender and smokey flavour, topped with green olive salsa and whipped feta. Quail is such a wonderful meat when cooked with expert hands and this was absolutely divine.

<Whole Roasted Duck> (To Share)
Breast, Neck Sausage, Blood Orange, Fennel, Spinach, Glazed Eschalot
With essential ingredients and no use cutting corners, the best food and cooking takes time and is worth the wait. A whole roasted duck with roasted plum, fennel, spinach and a glazed eschalot, each style of cooking was tender, juicy and filled with flavours that had us salivating at every mouthful. This is a rendition of a whole duck that cannot be faulted and a definite triumph of presentation, flavor, execution and cooking skills. It is a jackpot.

<Coppertree Farms Ribeye, Bordelaise Sauce 600g>
Once again provenance must play a part in why a dish tastes so great – you always wonder if there is a big difference and this is testament to the worth of such flavoursome and tender meat. This was a sensational piece of meat that had a char-grilled finish and was so tender, with a texture that was a pleasure to chew and packed with flavor served with the classic rich and buttery demi-glace Bordelaise sauce. If steak is your thing then this 600g satisfying meat is a must order!

With the amount of meat shared between the two of us, we had over-indulged and definitely did not have any room for dessert, but we were tempted. In short, it was an evening that will not be easily forgotten. We opted for wine pairings, which was a great way to enjoy both the food and a variety of wines and they have wines by the glass that are stunning. Our Sommelier Sam was an absolute delight and came with a wealth of knowledge that is to be admired. The elegant 2020 Paolo Scavino Langhe Nebbiolo was chosen to pair with both succulent roasted duck and Ribeye for its fresh medium intensity and was well balanced the heaviness of the meat that was rather divine.

The service, meanwhile, is reliably discreet, affable, and professional. The staff - uniformly smiling, fizzing with energy and Loella our server was delightful and insightful about every ingredient and Kellie, the Assistant Manager was also to be noted for her professionalism that made the whole night so memorable and welcome and the grandness of it all that always makes people happy right from the start. Nothing could be faulted and we felt as if we had been treated like royalty. We soaked up the atmosphere and lingered over each morsel of food and taste of wine and did not want the evening to end.

This is a dining experience that is grand, but not in a pretentious way and they seem to make every guest feel so at home. Brasserie 1930 must be your restaurant of choice when you are looking for that special experience blossomed in French gastronomy where food and wine are forefront and service supports every step of the culinary journey that creates an unforgettable evening! The unrivalled culinary journey with super-luxe dining that it can entail, dining in Sydney can surely go posh.

The meticulous design and exemplary service is the key for a memorable dining experience. It is a joyful coming together of culture and cuisine, with bountiful produce of the area in dishes that are at once traditional and creative, its culinary artistry is especially notable, as dishes become mini masterpieces and produce is elevated to starry heights. Dine into the groove of Brasserie 1930, as it is a feast for your senses and an unrivalled, world class culinary experience that awaits and OUI! Simply love it.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

2/4, Farrer Place,
Sydney, NSW
Tel: +61 2 9071 5000

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