CHAUMET Presents Tiaras of Dreams - Dreaming of Tiaras

Chaumet celebrates the beauty of tiaras with an exceptionally creative pop-up book featuring ten fairytales in mesmerizing dioramas.

Tiaras are symbols of power and sophistication that Chaumet has mastered throughout 240 years of history - crowning the beauty of prestigious clients, from Napoleon’s wife, Empress Joséphine, to contemporary icons.

Celebrating their most emblematic examples, this exceptional piece of bookmaking features colorful illustrations and short stories. The ten tableaux, each highlighting one iconic Chaumet piece, invite readers to travel through space and time: strolling in the Malmaison garden with Napoleon and Joséphine; partying during the Roaring Twenties; wandering under the shade of Japanese cherry blossom trees; or dancing on a rooftop in contemporary Shanghai. Timeless and universal, the stories will appeal to a wide audience while intricate details of the laser-cut dioramas captivate the eye.

An invitation to daydream, these scenes reflect an enchanting tale that readers can discover in one sitting or indulge in separately, according to their mood. Available in French, English and Simplified Chinese, Tiaras of Dreams, Dreaming of Tiaras is written by Michèle Gazier and illustrated by Kristjana S. Williams.

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